Friday, May 18, 2007

Tawau's photos..

I just realized that I haven't posted up all the photos that I took in Tawau..haha...
Here goes the photos...
3rd day in Tawau--->

QQ cooking lunch for me..I am so lucky..haha...

After that we went to watch people play basketball..

Me and QQ's sister..

QQ's brother..

Me n QQ =)

QQ brought me to "da bao" pisang goreng..Very very cheap..Rm 0.10 per piece ONLY>>

Other than pisang goreng..We bought coconut too...hehe..=)


At night,QQ brought me to a club house to swim..

After that me n QQ's sister went for sauna..Someone asked whether both of us were sisters or not wor..hahaha..


yay!!QQ's mother bought us food..." wor tie " very very nice!!

Yik ling playing QQ's violin..

After that..we went out with ling's friend..these are what we ate.-->


my new friends...
--> jie ru (yik ling's god sister)

me n jieru..

This cake is for jie ru's brother (guo feng) one..we went out to celebrate his birthday..

guo feng--> He looks like a monkey in this pic..lolx..

After everything..we went back to QQ's house..

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