Sunday, April 29, 2007

back to normal..

There are a lot of things happened within these few weeks...facing a lot of problems...I tried very hard to solve all these problems but failed..I'm really tired of being in this kind of situation..sometimes I'll asked myself..Is it because I've done something wrong or whatever?Why I'm the one who have to face all these problems?Why?Anyone can answer me?You guys always said I did not try to face my problems...But I did!!I really did..It is just that it is too hard for me to solve...NOBODY ever try to understand me!!Why don't you guys try to stand in my shoe?Huh?Always complaint about me..Did you ever think of how i feel?NO!!You did not!!

I am feeling a lot better now after my holidays in Sabah (Tawau). Thanks a lot to Yik Ling..My bestest friend ever..She is the one who be with me whenever I need someone to be with..She is always the one who listened to me..She even tried to help me solve my problems..and it did helps..haha...Thanks a lot my friend...I have to thank QQ too..Although i am not that kinda close with you, but you really treat me very good..Purposely go to KL central just to change my name for the flight a lot of food for me..coz you knew i love to eat..haha..bring me to a club house just because I said I wanted to sing are so kind...I'm so glad that i got you as my friend..I seriously do mean it..=)I hope that our friendship could last forever too...

Well, I am now back to my hometown--Ipoh. And I have thought about a lot of things..Ways to solve my problems and etc...The only way to solve my problem now is to let go
something..I have to admit, the something means a lot to me..but what to do?As Barry said, sometimes you have to sacrifice something just to get yourself out from troubles..this is also considered a way to protect yourself..It does not sound right to me at the very beginning..but it is now..Thanks for the advise Barry...=)

I'll post all the photos that I've took in Sabah in my next blog...So, stay cool and check it out man!! yo~ hahaha...I'M INSANE..=.=

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our Memories...

Sweetheart, this clip is made for you and only dedicated to you...although the times that we spent are just 5 months, but we really have been through a lot...i really enjoyed the times being with you..i know this ending is not what we've expected..i really thought that we could last forever...i know you thought so as well. Unfortunately, things just aren't going fine with us but i really hope that we could stand a chance for each other and get our fairytale continued. I hope you really don't mind me polluting your site with this video..hope you like it, enjoy!

-Victor signing off-