Friday, December 28, 2007

Japan trip...

Sorry..I am not gonna type much in this mummy said, let the photo talks....hahahahaha...but don't worry..definitely I will explain something to you guys la...=)

Went out with cheah lin few days before I went to Japan..

Had a birthday celebration with my family in Shogun on the 18th...(included god family)

I am so thin here...hahahahaha...

obviously, he's insane~

Playing around with my phone...(using paranoma settings..)

Alien!!!!! run for your life!!!

mummy says:" give me your money or not you're gonna die today!!"

down syndrome~

Pig? human? or mix?? lolx....this is jia god brother...XD

Mummy fetched me back to cheras the next day to pay my school fees and all...vic come and fetch me after that to have lunch with me at the pan mee stall again..=)

busy-ing with his camera again...=(

Stupid camera!!! Always there to be our spot light!! hmpf!!

20th of dec...Went back to my condo and met mummy, daddy and yirui...they are going to maison that night..I can't go coz Vic cannot go home too we went to meet valley (Manhattan fish market) to have a so call reunion dinner but too bad coz ling is not there...she went for caroling already...=(

my cute lil yirui...acting like a dog?? hahahaha....jz kidding k? lolx..

daddy >> messaging who huh??? la..he's playing around with his phone's camera...keep asking us to post and let him snap..=.="

pretty mummy!! =)

err...I donno how to describe this...wakakakka..

Our delicious food!!!

What kind of expression is that?? ahahhaha,...busy with his camera again...AGAIN!!!

damn cool huh?

After dinner, yirui they all went back to our condo to get prepared for their clubbing night and me and Vic went to Jusco for a movie...*I am legend* and before the movie starts..he brought me to secret recipe to have a piece of lovely birthday cake plus two mc donald's yummy Ice-creams..hehehehe...lovely...DEC 21st, It's my birthday!! =)

Isn't it lovely?? =) sweet~

Gone~ hahahahahaha...

My birthday pressie from vic's mother...bought from Japan..=)

Vic fetching me back to my god mother's place...the one behind him is Kai Chi ( vic's cousin's sister)

My birthday present from my god mother....perfume...=)

21st night >> Daddy's driver fetched us to the airport...

It's actually sweets you know?? so cute..=)

Duncan acting like an idiot again...lolx..

Here's a video of duncan...(in cantonese) ENJOY!! hahaha..

mummy imitating Duncan..hahahahhaa...

Steak with potatoes...our first meal in the plane! =) quite nice lo..=)

Got a small size tv for us to play games and watch movies..=)

Duncan sleeping..hehehe..

Japan!! Here we are!!!

The tour guide straight away brought us to a temple without letting us rest after 7 hours flight..tired*

those water is for you to wash your hands before you enter the temple..

Our first meal in Japan..UDON mee..nice!! I started to like UDON mee already..especially the soup...hehehehe..=)

side dishes..

Mr Duncan..

ME!! hehehehe...

Hey!! their toilet damn cun lo!! Can watch pat pat one..lolx..

the controller...lolx..

And this is my new friend>> Esther

This is xiang gen!! nice scenery huh?

hot spring >>

they boil those eggs in the hot spring then the egg will naturally turned into black colour..but still they eat it..the tour guide said eat one can extend 7 years of life wor...true or not I donno la..hahahhaa..


It's snowing!!!!

Esther >>

Sarah (Esther's sister)

Paying with the panorama settings again..hahhahahaha..

staying at a hot spring resort for the first night..

sleep on those mattress that night...they said Japanese love to sleep on this kind of mattress more than bed ge wor...weird huh?

This lil boy over here super cute one lo!! Ester's and Sarah's brother...Until now also I donno his name..coz when I asked what's his name..he answered me:" call me xiao long bao" very funny!! hahahahaha...

We asked him to act like those sexy lady...and this is the results...lolx..

Every hotel will also provide us Kimonos one...=) husband n wife huh? lolx..


oh ya...we went for hot spring that night!!! My first experience...we have to go in naked one you know??? hahahahahahaha..Everybody also naked one so you can see everyone's body shape..lolx...but of coz boys and girls are separated one la..lolx...

The next day, everywhere is full of snow!!!! So nice!!!

The bus driver drop us somewhere near mount Fuji and we then start playing with snows!!!

Happy!!!! =)

Xiao long bao!! hahahahaha...

Me and the snow bear!!! (donno who build one...ehehe...)

Mummy and the snow bear..

Daddy and his friend..uncle Freddy...(Esther's father) daddy looks so yeng here..hahahaha..

Mummy and Daddy..=)

Can you see that we are all so happy? =)

Me and Xiao long bao!! lolx..


Check this out!!!!

It's mount Fuji!!!! heheehehehe...nice hor??

What's this?? It's actually me..daddy keep asking me to put my face into the snow...So I really's really cold but syok!! hahahaha..

Figure out yourself what is this..hahahaha..

2nd day's lunch..seafood steamboat...

My new baby!!hehehehe...It costs me 400 something yen...damn expensive lo!!

Duncan and Esther...both of them seem to like interested in each other lo..hahahaha..

me and ester bought a lip balm at those like 7 eleven stall...donno buy for what...maybe it's becoz the design is special lo..can't find in Malaysia one..


2nd night bed to sleep edy..hahahaha...

Me with the Kimono..=)

3rd day!!!
Disney land~

Photos taken before we enter Tokyo Disney land!!

(infront of a big mirror inside the toilet..lolx..XD )

take 1..

Take 2...

Finally...hahahaha...donno why got those weird weird things come out one lo..

4 of us..=) while waiting for the space mountain..

SEE!!! so many people lining up!! we have to wait 1 an a half hour to play one game..hahahaha..

Ticket's of Tokyo Disney land...

Wife and Husband...lolx..

This couple stand in front of us while waiting for the space mountain..they very sweet one I curi-curi snap their sweet sweet photos..hehehe...

In disney land everyone also wear those funny funny caps mickey mouse. donald duck, toy story, and etc etc....

nice flower in Japan..=)

Lining up for lunch...this cute lil girl is behind us so I snap one of her pic lo..KAWAI...=)

This is the restaurant!!! Very nice..

It costs us 6558 yen just for this few dishes...=.="

This is the Splash mountain!!

It's the most exciting game in Tokyo Disney land..So you must not miss this!!(seriously..)

It's only 5pm and the sky is already so dark..=.="

Fireworks...Everyday also they'll put fireworks one...very nice..=)

When I first saw this photo...I thought I saw santa clause flying with his rain deers..lolx..

After awhile only I get to know it's actually balloons..hahahahaha...

3rd night's bedrooms....

Cool toilet bowl again..hehehe...=)

Me camwhoring before going to bath..lolx..

After shower..(my cheeks are red...) too dry already...

Last day!! going back to Malaysia today...25th...Christmas day!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Took a pic of myself before leaving the hotel..XD

Airport >>

Xiao Long Bao!!!

Yummy UDON mee!!! I miss the taste of UDON mee...I am so hungry now...='(

Sarah >>

Christmas's plant?? hehehehe...lovely...=)

Goodbye JAPAN!!! SAYONARA!!!!