Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fly Fm Challenge (MDG)

I have blogged about the Fly Fm challenge in Malaysian Dreamgirl's official blog so do check it out ya? =)

HERE to view the post.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back from PD~^^

Hey guys!! I just came back from Port Dickson with Dennis, Emanuel, Min-Ji and etc for a 4 days 3 nights trip. Am super exhausted now but happy at the same time!! This trip is really relaxing because we got nothing to think about. Everyday just eat, play, drink, sleep, and bath only...I hope my holidays are gonna last forever but unfortunately, it is not gonna happen unless in my DREAMS....XD

Thanks Emanuel for the hospitality!! All of us really did enjoyed ourselves there!! No kidding ok? =)

And btw, I am so TAN now!!! Me and Dennis purposely went for sun tan~ I even felt asleep while tanning my back. LOL!!

will blog about our PD trip soon. Stay tuned dudes~^^


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am officially having holidays now!!! Er...not exactly YET. There is one more thing that troubles my mind. Which is....Daphny's graduation recital!!! I am singing 3 songs for her graduation recital this coming Tuesday and the song "learning to live" is damn hard okay!! Changing meter for like every bar!! Crazy!!


Seriously, I don't think choosing that song is a right choice. Yes I know it is a hard song but this is your graduation recital, you should do something which can show your skills. At least something you're better with, choose something you're capable with. Now the whole band is like Oh-my-god-so-not-tight!! We can't even run the whole song during our last practice!! Too many mistakes. And yes, I can't even sing my part properly!! No harsh feelings here. I am just trying to express my own feelings.

I am not saying that you cannot choose that song. We just need more time!!

I don't know what to do now. Seriously. Can we not play that song? I Cross my fingers....

Btw, I accidentally hurt myself AGAIN!! It's a very deep wound. Can tell?

P/S: I thought this post is suppose to be a happy post because of the Wuuuhuuu?? Well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What am I up to?

Well, I am being rather lazy these days. tomorrow is Ear training exam and I have not been practising~!!

Guess what am I up to? No idea huh??
YES!! I am so into Ugly Betty recently!! GOD!!

And you know what?? Today I went to mid valley with darlie to watch >>
Shinjuku Incident~ instead of studying at home. Brilliant right? I know.

Anyways, it's really a nice movie!! At least to me...(I tend to love every movie I watch please don't ask me why.)

As usual, we dine at NANDO'S before movie. Ordered the same thing.
Extra hot chicken.


Camwhore together while waiting for the lift. (Don't judge me!!)

Btw, I am sick of my short hair!!!
I can't wait for my hair to grow long!!! like SERIOUSLY!!

Short hair makes me look stupid!!
Right?? I told you!!

.......please ignore my big nose.......

Just to solve my hair problem, I bought myself a hat/cap or whatever it is!!
Looks better this way?? Hmmmm.....

I am so gonna wear this thing wherever I go from now onwards until my hair is long enough for me to tie it up~!!

That's it for now. Nitez people!! Or I should say Morning people?? Ok, I am confused. X_X

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stay tuned for more updates!!

I know I know. It's has been such a long time since I last blogged.

Sorry!! Have been really busy with assignments lately. Finals are just around the corner and I haven't started my revision YET!! *Sigh....* Why am I so lazy?!!!

But whatever it is....Please don't stop visiting my blog!! I will be back anytime soon!!

I will blog about the Nuffnang Music Bash's party soon.

Here are a few pictures taken during the party...
Victor impersonating Pete Wentz....
(I am the one who drew his eye liner!! Not bad right? I know.)

Me impersonating....myself??
I still think that I look better with long hair. Sigh......

Me and Victor.
Love this picture the most!! I look so......seductive?? *cough cough* Ehem. XD

I will also blog about my mother's birthday celebration soon!!
Yes, SOON!!!
So do stay tuned for more updates ya?? Love y'll loads~