Saturday, March 28, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

If I am a musicon celebrity, I will do a few things,

1, Find a partner.
2, Get ourselves some nice outfit that will get people's attention.
3, Composed our own song. (Always use people's song not good right?? XD)
4, Be ourselves!! XD

So, here is the video composed by me and Dennis--my partner but inspired by Sean Ooi.

Before you watch the video,

Dennis: My tomyum no groove arr~
Angela: My tomyum's groove is not there also!!
Sean: Woah~ you guys can use the word groove to describe food one ar?? Wahahaha...

The word "groove" to us is like err....No specific meaning. We just used it for fun!!

Sean: Eh, you know ar? During 1998...
Dennis: I don't now wor..I really don't know...
Sean: Hehehehehe......
Dennis: I really don't know the story, you tell lah!!
Sean: know ar? During 1998, there was a person....
Dennis: I really don't know~!

After awhile, Sean move his arms and started dancing.

Me and Dennis was like, What the Hell are you doing?? =.="

And Sean replied: I am grooving~!!

We all laugh our ass off after he said that!!!

After that,

Dennis continued: Okay Sean, seriously, what happened during 1998?

And he pack his stuff and LEAVE....LOL!!!

So, me and Dennis used everything Sean said and composed a song~
That's why I said it was inspired by Sean!! LOL!!

Although it is just a random song..but it really meant a lot to us!! LOL

Check this out >>>

This is the final video~!! How was it?? Nice kan?? I will still laugh when I watch the video now!! Soooo....RANDOM!!! Hahaha....

We failed for almost 10 times!! Coz I really can't stand to not laugh!! LOL!

Here are 2 trial videos >>

Must check it out!!
It is even more funnier than the final video!! XD

1st trial..

2nd trial..

Which video do you like the most?? I like the 1st trial the most!! Hahahaha...XD

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, I am coming!!! XD

Date of Event : 4th of April 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm till 10pm
Venue : Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL
Dress Code : Musician Celebrities

Friday, March 13, 2009

A night that fills with hapiness!!

I just came back from Laundry bar for the fly fm's Campur Chart event. It was a blast I would say!! Love Mia's voice a lot!! It's very powerful yet sexy ** Woohuuuu!! XD

But seriously, the rest of the band sucks man!! The vocalist went out of tune, guitar not tuned....Yuckss!! I just don't like it lah!! =.="

Despite the yucky band, everything was actually fun. Hani Madu was the MC for that night and you know what?? She's gonna launch her album tomorrow at the same place!! =)

And the happiest thing for that night is that I have got a bunch of nice friend to hang out with!! We played truth or dare and it was damn syok man!! Get to know a lot of personal thingy about them as in who are they going after and a lot more!! XD

I am just so happy about everything that happened tonight but not the yucky band thank you.

I have took plenty of photos and I am gonna blog about it soon..

Stay tuned for more updates...=)

P/S: Is anyone going for the MDG2's party at MIST CLUB this coming monday which is the 16th of March on 7pm onwards??

You should go okay!! I will see you there then!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not selling those lens anymore!!

For those who read my blog everyday will know that I am selling GEO lens for the past two days?? Whatever it is~ I am not selling it anymore!! Thanks to Jialin who reminded me about the consequences of selling those lens.

If I am not mistaken, those lens are not approved in Malaysia. So how if those people who bought those lens come back to me telling me that those lens are hurting their eye or whatsoever?? Or worse come to worse they go to the police station to report me?? Blah blah blah~

So, I am not selling it anymore~ =)

Good day people~^^