Thursday, May 17, 2007

Naughty DENNIS!!!

I don't wanna friend DENNIS already...He always bully me one!! Today he some more show me faces aar!! Hmpf!! Asked him to practice with me also cakap banyak-banyak, than show me those stupid faces..hmpf!!Tak tahan er..Haiz..I am very sad ler..Last time when I said I wanna practice with him he sure say no problem one!! Now?!? ='( Never mind..I start training myself to sing while playing the piano..Actually I can, but just that I can't really sing well while I am playing the piano or can't play well while singing...either one..haiz...

I really have to start training myself already..I had always been so lazy..never practice much also..Every week only practice once..which is before my class starts..Singing also never really practice seriously before..Except got singing competition or any special events la..Every time also simply sing only..ANGELA!!what happened to you? I remembered first semester I am still very hardworking one..NOW?!? Haiz..some more I wanna complaint about Dennis...Me myself never do my best also..Aih yo..Why am I always complaining about other people one? =.=

Oh ya, that day I said I forgot to ask my new friend's name right? Yesterday while attending choir class I asked him already..His name is Wei Zhong..lolx...Today when having ear training class, he and Dennis sat next to me..And when I am feeling down (because of Dennis), he is the one who cheers me up..asked me to beat Dennis funny le...

P/s: I am not mad of Dennis...I just wanna express my feelings only..So don't take it so serious okay? Stay happy...^00^

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