Wednesday, May 23, 2007

both my pianist..

Dennis..he is my pianist since I started to sing in this college...He has helped me a lot in my singing..He teaches me how to improvise a song, how to make the song sounds better and etc..I really do appreciate it a loads..thanks Dennis..

But then he told me that he will be very busy this semester..So he might not be able to play for me already..At first I really don't know what to do..But luckily at this very moment..I found another person who is willing to be my accompanist..Thank God for listening to my prayer..=) So, WEI ZHONG will be my new pianist starting from now onwards..but sometimes I will still practice with Dennis la..Coz he will be playing for my recital this semester..=) recital will be on the 20th n 27th of is piano recital..another will be my singing recital..who is interested to come and watch me perform? haha..

Well, here is some photos that I took today when I was practicing and Dennis was sleeping in the practice room..lazy pig!!

And this is Wei new pianist..>>

Dennis again..>> trying to pose for me..Cheh!!Tak gaya pun...blerk..haha..

both of them..>>Dennis and Wei Zhong..took this while we are heading to the longest pasar malam in cheras..

OH ya..there is something which is very funny that I wanted to tell you guys...Last night me and Yik ling told Dennis that both of us are in a relationship...means we are actually lesbian..And today Dennis go and tell Wei Zhong..well, I don't mind..I even admit that I am a lesbian...And some more I tell them that me and Yik ling always exchange clothes to wear one..Even INNER CLOTHES...haha..But obviously, you guys should know that it was just a stupid joke right? That Wei Zhong ar, come to me and asked, you and Yik ling really always exchange clothes to wear one ar? I answered "yes, isn't it normal? Even me n my brother also always exchange clothes to wear one.." Then he said, " Yeah, but INNER CLOTHES.." hahahahahaha...Of cause we are not that....EHEM..don't know what to say already...hahaha...

Maybe I am still very new to him..that is why he "misunderstooded" my meaning..haha..Well, as time goes by, you will know me better..haha..


along said... funny...u now a les already? =P

@ng31a said...

eh...pls la..I am not ok?