Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Friends for more than 10 years

Last night, we gave Cheah Lin a surprise belated birthday party!!! I purposely came all the way back from KL to make this happen!!! Cheah Lin, you should be proud about this because I wouldn't do that if you are just a normal friend! Hehehehe... 

It's been a wonderful night hanging out with a bunch of close friends... I can't believe that we are friends for more than 10 years now!!! I feel so old... 

But I love being with them because I can just be myself and not care about what other people thinks about me! Whenever we are together we will just laugh our ass off and time passes so quickly!!! I almost wish that the time could actually stop for a second. They know me too well as if I can just keep my mouth shut and they will know what I'm thinking. Literally. Ahhh... I love them from the bottom of my heart! 

It's not been easy throughout this journey of friendship. We have argued before, misunderstandings among us, we even stay apart from each other for quite some time and that really hurts. But we have been through everything!!! Apologized for what we have done wrong in the past, forgive and forget, solve all the misunderstandings and here we are again, and that's what I call true friends!!! 

Looking at our pictures, I started to think back of the past!!! We have all grew up and soon we will be somebody's wife, or mother. Are we still gonna be so close to each other? I really hope we will... 

I will treasure each and everyone of you more and more because I can't afford to lose any of you in my life!!! 

This girl here, her name is choong wai yee. We used to sit in front of the piano whole day trying to come out with a decent song. She wrote the lyrics, and I insert the melody. It was one of the best moment during high school. At least that's what I thought. We used to be so close but things started to change once we leave school. But well, things happen and I'm glad we are still friends today.   

As for her, she's chin yiing. Someone that I admire a lot during primary school!!! I was a very quiet student, and my results aren't good as well, so meeting chin yiing during tuition is like meeting an Angel. She's everything that I wish I could be. She brings me happiness, she helps me with my homework and she cheers me up all the time.

I used to call her 火儿,Because of her bad tempered? I don't really remember why we name her that. And I am named 天儿. Those were the days...Hahahaha!!!

Oh well, bad things do happen. I'm sorry for what I've done wrong. But I sincerely hope you can understand my position as well. (:

I'm really happy that we can still hang out together even tough it's only once a year! Maybe we should do that more often? Haha!!

Last but not least, a group picture of all five of us. Friends for more than 10 years, and still counting...

I wish all of you a prosperous and happy new year!!! Stay young, stay healthy, and stay pretty as always!!! Love you guys!!!