Sunday, November 30, 2008

Someone said my blog boring!!

To those who didn't realize...I've added a poll in my blog~ The question is, "What do you think of my blog?" go vote k? (allow to select multiple answers) have fun!!

And I'm shocked that someone actually said my blog boring loh!! My blog very boring meh?? =.="
(if yes also don't say it out ma...makes me sad only...)

Hahaha...I am just kidding la...just vote whatever you think is right la~^^

Luckily no one voted bitchy YET!! XD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The party is ON!!!

Here are some updates for the party.

Venue: Gasoline at Look out point (langat hill) or some might call it little genting...
Date: 4th dec 2008
Time: 7pm
Dress code: err...what color do you prefer? Negotiable....lolx...
Things to bring: a small gift (minimum budget Rm5) MUST!!

Since X'mas is just around the corner, so we'll just call it a X'mas party k? And also a birthday party for all those who is born on Dec?? I am one of them... Ehem...*clear throat* hahahahha....XD Sound nice to everyone?? Hahaha...And when we talk about X'mas, of coz we have to prepare presents la right?? Hehehehee....

So, the thing is, all of us have to prepare a small gift on that day and we will exchange our presents. Minimum budget Rm5 ok?? You don't simply go and buy a Rm0.20 candy then tell me that is what you prepare for your present!! I foul you one ar~!! Hahahaha...

Oh ya, seems like a lot of you out there doesn't know where is Langat Hill aka Look out point right?? I am here to help you out~

Click on it for a larger view~^^

The road is winding, becareful ya?

We celebrated Victor's birthday there too...Those who wanna have a look at the pictures that we have taken can click HERE!! Enjoy!!

That's about it~ Any questions??
Leave me comments to tell me about it~^^


Night view of Ampang Look Out Point~!!
Thanks Matthias didi for the lovely pictures~!!


Very seductive right?? XD
The first picture captured my heart.....SERIOUS!!

What are you still thinking of?? Join only LAR~!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Party, anyone??

I'm so boring recently. like SERIOUSLY. I do the same thing everyday and I felt so useless. For example, I slept till 3pm, woke up then went online. Skipped breakfast and lunch then straight jumped to dinner. After dinner, watched some series then continue surfing the net. After that then back to sleep. This is what I did everyday. Can you imagine how boring my life is?

So, I was thinking of organizing a party and invite all the bloggers to join us. Then we can meet each other in person. But, how if there is no one interested in my party??

So, before I start organizing anything, I would like to do a brief survey first.

1, Where do you want the party to be?
2, How much is your budget?
3, When is your free time?
4, Choose a date (dec 1 - 5th )
5, Will you join my party?

Leave me a comment to let me know what do you think about this k?

Of coz you can invite your friends along. The more the merrier ma...right?? hahaha....Or if you're as free as I do, you can help me out in organizing this party~!!

P/S: If no one is interested, the party will be canceled.


i think it's kinda hard to make it a party, or why not we just go up to langat hill to have a small gathering or whatever?? I think it will be kinda fun too~!! But of coz we have to find our own transport there la...=)

Those who are interested, do leave me a comment to confirm with me k?

Ok, let's just confirm the Venue and date~!!

Venue: Langat Hill (some call it small genting)
Date: 4th of dec 2008
Time: 7pm

if you don't know where is Langat Hill, we can wait for you at Taman Connaught's GIANT at 6.30pm.

Is everyone ok with it?? those who can make it, try to invite your friends along k? But have to find your own transport lo...ok?

P/S: Do take note, This is open for all bloggers~!!
You're all welcome to join us ok??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So random....

Few days ago, I received this >>

It's my contact lens~!!

My pinky contact lens container..=) I bought it with Rm3 only....

Finally it's here~!! hahaha....

I bought two u can see, one is blue and another one is brown...
I tried on both of them and the brown one seems to be not that obvious lo...wear already like didn't wear only...=.="

Anyways, I was so excited so I wore the blue lens and started cam-whoring....XD

Needless to say, pictures will do the talking...=)

Trying to act sexy but failed...lolx....



Why are u looking at me??

(sorry la....too sien already....lolx...)

Ngek ngek ngek.....


Shhhh....Baby hamsters are sleeping....XD


Arhh...what happened??

Look into my eyes......

Ok, time for some stupid pose of mine!!


Wakakaka....I know I look retarded!! lolx...


Evil side of me!!

No fear!! hahahahaha.....

I'm really too boring lah!! Whole day staying at home...
I spent time tie-ing my hair too~ hehehe....

Love the tiara...=)

Back view...

Ok, enough of my pictures...

Let's check out how is the baby hamsters doing...
( Ling, I know you miss them.....) it's body shape!!

They love music too~!!

This one here very good girl one lo....will stay there and let u sayang her one...=)


OMG!! So cute!! hahaha.....

my lovely french manicure~^^


Today, I went out to fetch my brother Duncan from the library and went to parade after that..

Shopping items....

The purse nice or not?? I don't find it nice after I bought it...=.="

But I love this bag costs me Rm79.20. Before discount is about 100 plus one lor...=)
But my mummy said this bag looks very old wor....Like the 60's ....=.="

CheeseCake Recipe~!!

Hey guys, just for your information, I am going to make a cheesecake tomorrow and it will be based on this >>>

I hope I can finish it successfully!! Wish me luck ya? lolx...

End of my random post...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Few days ago, I received a letter.....

It's for me~!!

And it's from Nuffnang~!!!

Uhuuuuu~!!!It's my cheque!!!

I was so excited when I received this because this is my first payment from Nuffnang~!!
Though it's not a big amount but still it can be used~!! Hahahahaha.....

I'm so Happy!! =)


Oh yea...I went out with Melinda today....We shop around and also not forget to beauty up our nails~!! Hahahahaha....

Us in the fitting room....XD