Thursday, June 26, 2008

Angel and I....

It's been awhile since I last blog...sorry guys...I am kinda busy recently due to some assignments, projects and also mid term.....I promised I will blog once I am free right?? I am here now~^^ hehehe...Akira...I very obedient right? you asked me to blog then I straight away blog...XD

ok...this post is about me and Angel...She's so clever!!! I used only 2 days to teach her how to sit~^^ smart right?? And now, she knows how to pee and poo at the right place..know how to sit when I asked her to sit..and currently I am teaching her to give me her hand...XD And she is learning very very fast~^^ I am so happy about it!!! hehehe...

And for Chobits and Mei-Wah~ Don't you ever think of kidnap-ing my Angel~!! She'll always be mine!!! hehehe...XD

And now.....

photo session >>>

My lovely Angel and I ...

She's kissing me!! So sweet~^^

And this is Angel's friend....named coco...hehe...very cute also right?? XD

Angel:" Don't bully me....*sob sob*"

SEE!!! Angel and friends....So cute!!!

But for me, Angel is still the cutest!!! XD

what do you think?? XD hahaha...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Angela's precious >> Angel~

I am so so so happy right now~!!! Wanna know why?? XD kekekekekeke.....It's because I have bought a toy poodle and it's sOOoOOooOooooo CUTE!!!~^^

I bought it for Rm1000...kinda expensive but I think it's worth..coz it's too cute~!! hahaha...When I look at it for the first sight I have already fallen in LOVE with it...awhhh~~

Oh ya....I've named it Angel because she's as lovely as an Angel~ ^^ She's only 6 weeks old...still very young...=)

Ok, it's time to show off my lovely Angel~ hahaha...don't get jealous ya?? XD

pics >>>

hehehe...I like this pic the MOST~!!

Sleepy already...XD

Don't disturb me from sleeping la....Yish~!!XD


So? Any comments?? hahahaha....

I will take more photos of Angel next time...Because she's already sleeping right now...Don't wanna wake her time bah~!!

See!! Even my desktop also got Angel's picture~!! hahaha.....XD

Going to bed now....Nitez everybody~ muax~!! <3 <3 <3

Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to change your eye color?

Everybody is asking me how to change my eye color using photoshop after the colored contact lenses post...So, I am here to shout out my secret of changing my eye color using photoshop~!~^^

I am using meimei's photo to demonstrate because she asked me to edit for her...
(meimei, hope you don't mind ya? XD)

So, here comes....

First step is to browse the picture that you want to edit...

So, here comes meimei's lovely picture~ ^^

drag the picture into your photoshop...

Hold onto the brush's tools...

then you'll see the word color replacement tool as shown on it..

And now you can choose what color you want >>

Meimei said she wants a blue or green eye...So I choose blue for her...^^
*p/s: choose a darker color so that your eyes will look more natural~^^* you can color your eyes...=)
click "ctrl + " to enlarge the picture..

See!! Mei mei has got lovely blue eyes now~!!

to save the file, click file, save as, change it to JPEG file and then SAVE~^^

>>> meimei, you can grab ur photo here...=)

Spot the differences...=)

Friday, June 13, 2008

KungFu Panda~!!

I just watched KungFu Panda that day with my house-mates....When the movie just started, I thought it's gonna be another boring movie but I am wrong...It was sooooooo FUNNY until I keep laughing from the beginning until the end....hahahaha...Even now when I think back also I feel like laughing...lolx...

So, those who haven't watch, you MUST watch~!! I am sure you'll never regret after watching it~!!! XD

Anyways, wish all of you have a nice weekend~!! Thank God It's Friday~!! XD

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A lovely drawing by WendyBB^^

I am so happy right now~!!! WendyBB has just draw me a very sweet and nice pic~!!! I heart it a lot~!!! I can't explain my feelings now through words....but what I can say is....She's really a very nice and cute person~!! I felt so glad to know her~!!! MUAX~!!! <3 style="color: rgb(255, 204, 204);">>>>>The lovely picture<<<<

Nice right??? So CUTE~!!!! awh~~~~

And here are some words that she left for me....

"This is my drawing, as promised for you, how is it ? Do you like it ?
The drawing is the symbol of our truly friendship, we have the same heart on our hands.
Even though we know each other in short time, but I have made you my best friend.
In the end, I wish you happy everyday and I hope that our friendship can be forever."

Yea...I am sure our friendship will last forever~!!! muax~!!! Love you and Barbie loads~!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dennis~!!

Dennis is my pianist~!! He is very good in piano and he's also a very good friend of mine~!!! He is always there to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad and blue~ He's also a good listener~!! Whatever happens....He will sure be there to listen to me...hahahaha...I am so glad that you're there for me all the time~!!

A lot more to say to him...but will continue some other days coz I've got something to do right post will be continue.....

>>>>>to be continued<<<<<

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to my beloved BARBIE!!!~^^

Barbie, though we just get to know each other for not more than a month....But we both seem to know each other very well...You will be there for me whenever I need you and you are always there to care for me...~!! When Jerome bullied me, you were there to support me too!~~^^ hahahaha...

Thanks for everything...~

I would like to thank GOD for sending me such a lovely angel too!~^^

Today is your Birthday....I wish I could be there to celebrate with you but I know it's not gonna happen so what I can do is just to Wish you all the best in your future undertakings and hope you have a nice birthday celebration~!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Happy Birthday to BARBIE!!! Happy Birthday to YOU~~!!^^
(imagine me singing this birthday song to you~)

And here is your Birthday cake~!!! >>>

I just finished editing only...Though it's not nicely edited, but I hope you will like it~!!! <3

Again, Happy Birthday my beloved BARBIE`!!!`

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Colored contact lenses..

Was chatting with WendyBB and Barbie about colored contact lenses recently.....And I have just learned how to replace the eye color using photoshop...

So, it's time to show you guys my photoshop skills....lolx....

I replace different colors to my eye to change my eye color...(Now I don't need to buy colored lens already...) kekekekeke...~^^

Pictures >>>
(There are all the same picture but different eye colors ...)


Dark Brown~

Dark Grey~


Light Brown~

Light Grey~


And this is PINK!! hahahaha...

WendyBB and Barbie, what do you think of pink colored contact lens?? hahahahaha.....

And which color do you think suit me the best??

My beloved brother >> Duncan!!~^^

I have just edited a few pics of my beloved brother Duncan for the Shining teens competition....

A brief introduction about him >>

- He's 3 years younger than me
- He's handsome and lovable *ehem....*
- He's currently studying at Ipoh International School
- He looks a lot like me (both handsome/pretty) lolx..*perasan* hahaha...

And the most important thing is....


wakakakakaka....You guys must be thinking...What kind of sister is this? hahaha...But who cares? I am proud of my brother ma...cannot meh?? lolx...

So, here comes my beloved brother's chun photo...lolx...

Yeng or not??

he looks kinda funny in this pic...=.="

Waaaaa!~~ This one cool lo!!! hahaha..

THIS IS CUTE!!! hahahaha...

THE END.......

P/S: Anyone interested in him?? lolx....