Saturday, May 19, 2007

6th day in Tawau..

Yik ling's cousin sister brought us to a golf club that day..She was so kind..purposely take lift to fetch us out to play...=) Thanks a lot ya?
I had soto ayam for my breakfast..delicious..^^

This is the first time i wear my contact lens..=)

Tawau's golf club got crocodile one..hahaha..

yik ling's back..

me n ling...

Taking photo with Mr Crocodile..=)

me n QQ..


cute little xian xian..

the scenery over there..

ling n QQ..

three of us..

silly yik ling..lolx..

Loads of dragon fruits...yummy yum!!

yik ling's cousin sister's car...=P

Went for lunch after visiting the golf club..Yik ling's aunty came and join us too...

The menu..
Food over there were very very expensive..


our food..

Saw yung yung n friends there..

yik ling's her so much..

We went to Tinagat beach that day..It was so so so fun..Thanks to AH BOY..yik ling's friend..He was the one who brought us there...

ON the way to Tinagat..this is what we usually do when someone is busy driving..hahahaha..

hurray!!finally we've reached tinagat beach!!

I love beach!!!

I love this scene so much...=)took this picture while we were on the way back to yik ling's house..