Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random post by a random person like me~

Seems like giving out award is very popular in our blog sphere nowadays....hahaha....why do I said so?? Because I have just received another award by my beloved Princess Barbie~!!! happy happy* Thank You dear!!!

just to show off my award >>>

And here is another award from Zara!!!

Tada!!! (don't be jealous ya?? ) MuaHahahahahahahaha.....

By the way, here is a video of Angel singing while I was practicing for my piano jury >>
you guys MUST be going like " What?? Angel singing?? How can a dog sings??"
Aha! Check it out yourself~!! XD

So, how was it?? Nice?? Angel now knows how to sing!! Hurray!!!!

before I end this post....let me show you guys a recent photo of me~!!

Next post I will be showing you guys ........................SNAKES!!!
(stay tuned ya? nitez all my darlings.....)

The End......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I won ZARA's heart!!

I won my dear ZARA's heart and she gave me an award!! *happy happy*

Show all of you my certificate! >>>>

SEE!! I am ZARA's lovely friend!!! hehehehe.....

*happy happy*

But.............I wonder why my name is not on the certificate....hahahahahaha....XD

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Angel is shaved!!!

For those who miss Angel~ you MUST really read this post!!

As I have stated at the title above, Angel is shaved!!! 
She looks kinda weird at first but as time goes by, we started to like her for being shaved. More neat and tidy~ XD

The reason why I shaved her is because someone told me that if you want her fur to grow more and more curly, you have to shave her for at least once and twice. And so I brought her to the pet saloon and asked that person to give Angel a full grooming. Not cheap lo....It costs me Rm65. Rm65 is after discount you know? before that it is Rm80 lo!!! *tsk tsk tsk...*

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking....

Tada!!! botak-ed!!! lolx....

Seee!!! She looks so smart now~ XD

Angel in pink~

Angel in red~

Angel VS ding ding the hamster~

And check this out!! I put her on our piano chair and she sit still like this~!!
So cute!! hahaha...I put two of my favourite sandals beside her and snap a picture for them~!! And the effect turns out quite impressing~ lolx....
Don't you think Angel looks like a fake doll here?? hahahaha....

For those who haven't seen Angel before, I am going to post a few pictures of Angel before she shaved so that you guys can compare. =)

So, which do you prefer?? Shaved or not shave? It's all in your mind....hahahaha....XD
. comes the bonus of the day~!!!

It's me~ lolx.....

that's all for today....nitez.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Victor!!

Went up to langat hill the other day to celebrate darl's birthday.....It's suppose to be a surprise party. I told darl it will be just the two of us going up there but I actually invite all our friends together to surprise darl up there. And I hope it does surprised you. MUAX!! XD 

Here are a few pictures of the two of us .....

Hope you really enjoy yourself that night...
And again, Happy belated Birthday my dear!!

Anyway, a lot of things happened that night...but it's fun though...hahaha....will blog about it some other day because it is kinda late right now and I am super tired already.

So, Nitez everybody......and also sorry for abandoning my blog for such a long time. Uni got loads of stuff to take care of.......

I am very stress and tired recently.....Loads of things are waiting for me to do but I am just to tired of all these.....I hope everything will come to an end very soon. those who care for me please do pray for me. 

~ hugss and kisses ~ X O X O ~