Saturday, August 30, 2008

Future photo of mine~^^

I just viewed through some blogger friends blog and saw this interesting post by Chobits~ But as she said, this Future Photo Prediction website is introduced by Barbie~. So, yea...I tried it and found it very interesting...

"The game will determine our future photos based upon our names ^ ^" quoted by Barbie.

AngelaのFuture Photo

Why am I so tall in this picture?? Can't see my face also....XD
Don't really understand what does it mean in this picture...Anyone wanna explain to me?? XD

I tried on my nickname deangelogy and>>>
deangelogyのFuture Photo
Why am I a boy? I prefer being the cute little girl beside her ok???

And lastly, I tried on my chinese name......
 吴沁尹のFuture Photo
What does it mean in this picture?? Hmmm.....whatever~!!

After this test, I can 100% guarantee that this test is inaccurate one ok?? XD

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ipoh's famous food - 牙菜鸡

As I have stated above, this post is about my home town (Ipoh)'s famous food...If you are planning to visit Ipoh, Must try these food~!!! At least once in your life time~!!I am sure you will love it~!! 100% confirm!! XD

By the way, this post is specially for JeremeFo as he is a food lover~!! lolx...
(Jero boy, you are featured in my blog~ Happy or not? XD)

Ok, back to the topic.....Ipoh nga choi gai~!!

Chicken~!!! very smooth one okay??

Our Ipoh nga choi~!!! Very fresh and healty~!! Not like KL's one...XD

Chicken feet~!! Love this a lot~!! XD

And our Ipoh hor fun~!! Very smooth one lor~!!! MUST TRY!!!

Ok, that's all for Ipoh nga choi gai~!! lolx.....


A way to show off my photoshop skills~

What are you thinking right now?? Showing off my photoshop skills? What do I mean? I am about to explain to you.....

Well, I have just edited a few photos of myself using photoshop. So I am now going to post all the photos up to show off my editing skills~!! (though it's just a very simple one...XD)

Sit back and enjoy~!!! lolx....

This one looks kinda like those anime...agree??

This one I purposely make my eyes as dark as possible....for fun~! XD

Love this effect~^^

Love this one too~

This one looks like the front page of a magazine~XD

Did you guys notice that my hair is longer now??? Those are hair extension~!!! New hair style again~!! happy happy me~^^

Ok, that's all for today~ Nitez.....=)

Angel is so smart now~!!

I have spent 2-3 months to train Angel all kind of things...And now she is smart enough for me to record her doing her unbelievable stunts~!!! hahahaha...Sorry for exaggerating...XD

dang dang dang dang~!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Videos of me singing~^^

Here are a few videos of me singing during my friend's (huey hsiang) birthday...
Venue: Green Box
This first one is a video of me singing a song named 崇拜(chong bai) by 梁静茹(fish leong). Hope you guys enjoy it~ MUST LISTEN ya??? XD

Hurt by Christina Aguilera~

Try it on my own by Whitney.....

Terlalu istimewa by Adibah~^^

Leave me some comments after listening to it ya?? =)

If you guys love it...I will post more videos of me singing in the future~XD

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stupid video~XD

Check this out~!! This video is hilarious~!! XD

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bling up your STUFF~!!

Recently I always shop at because the things over there is much more cheaper compared to the market. And the most important thing is there are much much more choices for me choose~!! There are all so CHIO okay???? XD

I have just bought some blings from and I am going to buy more soon~ hehe...=)

Let me show you some of the pictures that I found online~

Japanese design >>

I love this the MOST!!!

This is nice~!!! Spot the mickey mouse~!! XD

So, what do you think?? Chio?? Some of you might agree with me and say it's chio but some may not~ coz I asked my friend about this before and she said this is too much for her~ XD

What do you think?? Leave me a comment and tell me how you feel ya?? Must tell the truth~!!
Coz I am planning to bling up my phone like this too~ =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New header for my blog^^

Today after my piano jury, I came back with frustration because I played badly for my jury....To release stress, I viewed back my photos taken at Sunway Pyramid weeks ago and planned to change a new header for my blog so I sat there trying to design one of my photo. Victor helped me up with the words because he is more used to photoshop compared to me~^^ Thanks Victor....

Edit till halfway, Patrick Ong walked over and said he wanna edit for me, so I let him use my laptop to edit my photo. And it ends up like this >>>

Quite creative but I don't think it suits my blog header because I should be the main character but this photo is like promoting the shopping mall--Myslbek but not me...XD So I have to edit for myself again.....=.="

I actually like this photo more than the first one...
I am like floating in the middle of nowhere~ so cool!! hahahahaha....XD


Done~ edited by me myself ok?? hahahaha.....
leave me some comments about this photo ya?? =)

P/S: I don't mind if you wanna design another header for me~ XD

Any of you out there wanna design another header for me??
I will choose the nicest photo and put it as my header picture!!
*Ngek ngek ngek~*evil* XD

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I played badly for my piano jury....I think I am going to fail it.....*sigh* This is my first time feeling so bad after playing my jury~!! I felt so sorry to myself...I seldom practice my piano and that is why I played so badly~


Pray hard that I will pass my jury~!!!At least give me a pass will do.....=(

Stupid jury!!!!

I hate juries!!!! Why do we need to prepare so many things for jury?????!?? WHY??? Tomorrow is my piano jury and I am not prepared~!! What should I do??? I am still doing those paper works now...Damn frustrated already!!! SHIT!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Here are some pictures that Victor took that day for my runway show. That day was very tiring because we have to change a lot of clothes which are sponsored by Baleno, Hiphop arena, Celcom and etc....This is my second time cat walking on stage. The first time Victor was not there and I don't even bother to ask my friends to take pictures of mine so there are no pictures taken for the first time.

This is actually a very cool experience for me because I have never ever thought about me having a chance to do the cat walk on stage and act like a model. hahahaha....Thanks to K box and Shining teens for giving me this golden opportunity.

I am too lazy to type more so let the pictures do the talking....~^^

Sports wear...

This is sponsored by Baleno..

Me and my partner--Chin Ken

Beach wear..

Casual wear~

Again, sports wear...

The jacket is sponsored by Baleno too~

Hip hop arena's cap~

Dinner wear~

Me and Chin Ken..

Coming up NEXT~ Modeling (part 2)

Part 2 will be my brother's picture~^^