Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from Korea!!!

Yes~ Finally I am back from Korea~!!
(A big thank you to all those who left comments in my previous post~ love all of you~^^)

Being quarantined was not too bad overall. At least I can relax a bit, stay away from assignments for a week, and most importantly spend more time with my friends~

First two days was a disaster. But after that everything went quite smoothly.
(Maybe we're more used to it already?)

Will blog about this trip whenever I am free~

Signing off with loads of lurvesss~^^

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quarantined in Korea~

HEY!! I'm so bored here~ We canceled all our performances and also flight just because a few person in our group got H1N1 and we have to quarantine ourselves for a week. Or maybe a month? Who knows? H1N1 is getting much and much serious. Even me myself scared I will get infected also. Coz if I am infected, they will quarantine me and I will have to stay alone in a big room or maybe hospital all by myself~!!!

I hate H1N1~!!!

All of us have to stay at this boring resort at all time and those temperature who got up to 37.4 have to send them to another place to quarantine. Scary right? My temperature has gone up to 37.3 before~ I was so scared that time okay?? But don't worry, it's now 36.8~ T.T

So all of you~ do pray for me ya? I miss Malaysia so much!! We are suppose to fly back to Malaysia yesterday but due to all these circumstances, we have to stay longer~!! Sigh....*

And finally, to prove that I am typing this post from Korea........

I don't even know what am I typing!!

That's all for now~ miss you guys so much~ ='(

I started to hate Korea already....T.T

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Such A Mess!!!

Everybody is sleeping now and I am busy packing!! What should I bring to Korea? I don't know what to pack!! How?!!?!! Help me!!!

My room is super MESSY now I tell you~!

Messy right??!!

A closer look~
Gosh!! What am I suppose to do with all these things??!!

Btw, I've got myself this cute little makeup bag few days ago..
Love it so much~ =) It's definitely flying to Korea together with me~^^

I just labeled these two bottles~ Nice? :p

I'll be back in 5 days which is the 19th of July (Sunday) So don't miss me too much ya? LOL!!!

I am gonna miss all of you~ MUAX!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can't believe I am going to Korea with my Uni friends!!

I am going to Jeju Island ( the most beautiful island in Korea ) TOMORROW!!!

Never thought I can go overseas with my friends but HEY!!! This is really happening~" ( Thanks to Emmanuel, I am now a drama queen too~ =.= !!)

I am so excited right now. But do pray for me as H1N1 is getting more serious recently.

And BTW, I have got my long hair BACK!! I have dyed it brown too~!! Yippee~
I still prefer having long hair....

A picture of me and Teddy~
Long hair suits me better huh? =)

Till then.
Signing off with loads of lurves and kisses~


Never thought of being in a relationship for more than a year.

Before knowing Victor, my relationship will never last for more than 4 months.Not even once! I wonder why.....

I seriously never thought of having a relationship that will last for more than a year but now I have made it!! It's already 2 years and 8 months leh!! Almost 3 years already~ Can you imagine how much we have been through? Maybe to you 2 years are just nothing. But to me, 2 years are A LOT~!! ~SERIOUSLY~

So, me and Victor spent our monthly anniversary at NANDOs. As usual. (We just LOVE Nandos.) =)
Mushroom + Chicken soup.

1/2 Chicken. Extra Hot.

My smile looked fake here. =.="

After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean for coffee.
I used to hate coffee but now I likey~!! (but not those bitter ones lah~)
Just because I think drinking coffee looks COOL~



Some camwhore pictures~

I am the photographer for these two pictures~ Nice right?? HAHA!!


Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Necklace from Forever 21

Heels from ELLE

Pictures of the 2 of us~


I don't know whether we are meant to be together...
but I will treasure every seconds we have together...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing home....

It has been such a long time since I last went back to Ipoh--my home town. I wish I could go back once again but I am so busy here with my assignments and midterm exams moreover I am now teaching piano and vocal during weekends. How am I suppose to go back? Sigh......

I miss my mummy, daddy and didi......T.T

Last week, they came down from Ipoh to find me so I had dinner with them and had a belated father's day celebration with my daddy. Me and Victor bought him a shirt so hope he likes it. =)

Pictures taken after dinner and back at our Damansara's condo.
Do I look like daddy?

Or mummy?

Or my brother? XD

Duncan tempting Angel. lol...

Angel is an adult now.
Her period just stopped.

And finally, a picture of myself.
YES. I took out the hair extensions AGAIN.