Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am kinda busy this semester..Got much much more home works and assignments to do compare to the previous semester..And I'll be spending the whole day at school attending practices..Haiz..How I wish DORAEMON does exist in reality and not just only in my dreams...So that he could help me up in my home works..assignments and also sit exams for me..Hahaha..

Kinda enjoyed my life recently..Although every day's activities seem to be the same..But still..I enjoyed being with my friends..=)By the way, I will be going to GENTING for a jazz festival next weekend which is the 8th and 9th of June..Hope everything will be alright..Do pray for me k? =)

That is all for today..will continue tomorrow..ciaoz...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


5 things found in my bag >>

- purse
- handphone
- house keys
- pens
- pen drive

5 things found in my wallet >>

- photos
- money
- cards
- letters
- plasters ( just in case someone need it )

5 favourite things in my room >>

- soft toys..(dey dey, duai duai, do do, sar kuk mai n etc..)
- bolster
- pillows
- mirror
- blanket

5 things I've always wanted to do >>

- To know that Vic has already forgiven me..
- To be a hardworking person..(kinda tough though)
- Spend more time to practice my piano
- Say thank you to all my beloved friends for being there for me whenever I need someone to be with..(especially mummy, yirui and lingX2)
- Buy my parents a big banglo..(this is actually a promise that I've made)

5 things I am currently into >>

- practice my singing skills..(with Dennis and Wei Zhong)
- Attending college's classes..
- Went for singing audition..
- Attending band practices..
- Learning new songs..

5 person that I tagged >>

- Victor
- Mayjet
- Jean Ling
- QQ
- Along (faster go register a blog la..Coz you have been tagged by me..lolx..)

jazz night

Went to watch my lecturer's performance last Friday night at Great Eastern Mall's Alexis Bistro...It was a very nice place..but food and drinks over there were extremely expensive..

Before we left college..>> My senior, Valerie..>>

After I asked her to sit straight>> ha ha..

Our PIZZA >>

Nickson>> one of my seniors too..

My seniors again..>>

me n my seniors..>>

The singers on that night..They were superb in singing!!love them so much..
Focus on the Saxophonist..He's my lecturer!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Having fun in Ipoh~

I went back to Ipoh with my college's friends last weekend for a singing audition in KATHERINE TOCK studio..After the audition, Eddy went to find her girl friend and the rest of us went shopping at parade..We bought a lot of things..especially Dennis..hahaha..SYOK!!never the less, we took a lot of photos too..lolx..>>

Michelle wears right? I also wanna buy one...=( haha...

me n Dennis..>>

taking pictures in the fitting room while waiting for Michelle..

Michelle >> cool~~

Me>> I look fat in this pic..=P

Me and Mich...=) Friends forever..

Me and Dennis again..haha..

Suddenly, we heard someone singing..So, we went over to see what was going on..and we found out that those astro crews were there to set up some kind of event..That MyFm's dj (pei pei) was there also..She asked who could sing malay songs..Then me n Michelle straight away asked Dennis to go out..haha...After he sang, then they asked Michelle to sing also..Michelle sang the song "wish me happy birthday"..And lastly, I went out to sing also..all of us got a cute pillow as gift..haha..Check out channel 35 in astro..Maybe you will see us on tv one day..haha..

Dennis >>


Me>> haha...

The next day, we went back to parade again..Because we haven't finished shopping at the shops over there also..As usual, me and Michelle keep shopping for our girl stuff and Dennis sat at the long bench outside to wait for us..According to Dennis, he said me and Michelle used about half an hour just to shop in one particular shop..haha...what to do? We are girls..and girls love to shop!! =P
My parents and my brother came to join us in the afternoon..

Photos that we took that day..>>
Angela n her lovely mummy..

Happy family..=)

Me n daddy..Daddy looks so serious..scary..

Me >> fitting room..>>

Me n Michelle..

And when we've finished shopping, I mean when we're heading back to take our car..We saw those astro crews again...they remember us..And asked us to sing again...hahaha..I pushed my daddy out to well as my beloved mummy...and they really sang..ahaha..But at last, me, Michelle and Dennis went out to sing a trio of "Bukan Cinta Biasa" also..Coz they wanted us to sing for them before we left..(this time we sang on the stage one)haha..*PEI PEI* some more asked me to go for a hosting audition..At first I rejected her..Coz I seriously don't know how to host..But she said never mind..asked me just to try my best then okay already..So I just went for it la...haha..If I am chosen, IF only la..Than I can be the emcee of astro already..haha..I don't think I will be chosen lo...Coz I really donno how to speak properly one..haha..

Anyway, here are our videos..>> enjoy!! ^0^

Daddy singing,

Mummy singing,

Our trio of the song "BUKAN CINTA BIASA.."

Photos of me and the Dj (pei pei)

Cute Pei pei>>

They asked us to write down our contact numbers and addresses..and said they will contact us if they need us for help..=) We enjoyed ourselves a lot in Ipoh..^oo^

Photos that we took in Ipoh..>>

me kissing Mich>>

Dennis sleeping..hahaa..

Eating Ipoh's famous Chicken hor fun>>


Fried Hor fun>>

Me and Daddy's hand..lolx.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last day in twu..

Finally, my holidays in Tawau had to come to an end..

Purposely took photos with STONY before I left Tawau..

Yik ling's house's living room..

Yik ling's cousin brother brought us out for lunch that day..A nice Italian restaurant..=)

-->>Ling n her cousin brother..

Ling's cousin brother and his friend..=)

Our food..nice...!!hehehe..

My last dinner in Tawau..Special thanks to yik ling's aunty..she brought me out to have dinner...And treated me with a lot of delicious her so so so much..

Me n Ling's aunty..=) muax..


me, Ling's cousin brother and QQ..

Me n QQ's mother..Thanks aunty for the hospitality...=*

Me and QQ's cute little brother..

Tawau's airport...

ME n Ling's aunty again...

Me n Ling's cousin brother..>>

Me and Ling..

Me and QQ..

Our feet..>>

Three of us..=)

They are waiting for me to check in..

My new hairstyle..(cut by my coolest hairstylist ever - YIK LING)

Another side of my hair...Which side looks nicer? wakaka..

The one and only ..ME...haha...