Saturday, December 26, 2009

stupid brother!

i can't believe he's doing this to me! like seriously! my mother went back to kl yesterday and left me, my brother and my father here at ipöh. my father drove his car out to work. and now my brother drove the only car left at home out for the whole day and leave me alone at home! nevermind, so i messaged him and ask him to buy me some potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and some chicken bones to boil soup so that my father can come home for dinner since my mother is away. but you know what he replied? he asked me to walk out to buy coz he's not gonna come back this early! can you believe this?

All this while whenever he needs people to fetch i'm always there to fetch him. and see now how he treats me back in return! like yesterday, me noel and poh yee went to ipöh parade coz we wanted to sing k but there's no more room for us so i called my brother to come and fetch us and you know what he said? he said don't want coz he's sleeping! do you know how angry i was yesterday? but nevermind, i forgave him and at night he wanted me to dyed his hair and i did it no matter how tired i am coz it was already 2something in the morning. AND NOW YOU SEE HOW HE TREATS ME! ASKED ME TO WALK OUT ALONE TO BUY STUFF JUST TO COOK FOR HIM AND MY FATHER! i really hate him a lot right now! how can he treats me like this? i'm his sister okay!