Thursday, May 3, 2007

2nd day in Tawau..

Oh ya~ I forgot to tell u guys something..I've bought a Ribena juice in the plane because I was too thirsty..And do u know how much does it cost? RM6.. It has triple of the cost you know? Scary..Advise for you guys, bring along your water bottle if you are flying with air asia..=)

This is a pic of the Ribena..=.=

Me and my Ribena...hahaha..

OK, get back to my second day's trip..We went to Semporna Island today..QQ gave us a last minute call...said she was coming to fetch us already..We quickly wake up and get ready..We got no time to have our breakfast also..Luckily Yik Ling brought something for me to eat..It didn't taste good, but at least I got something to eat lo..hahaha..

My breakfast...

Waa..see Ling ling eat till so happy!!haha..

This is the place..They are celebrating some kind of festival..

We reached there by 12 something in the afternoon..So, we went for our lunch right after that...QQ ordered toast..haha...And we curi makan..

I ordered Avagado juice..very nice..this is the first time i try drinking this kind of fruit juice...=)

Our food...delicious...



Poor Yik ling can only eat these two dishes..(she's a vegetarian)

see, my plate is so clean..hahahaha...

This aunty is collecting cans floating upon the sea..

FInally...."ME" hahaha..

nice place..

We paid RM2 to watch fish...This is the ticket for it..

See anything? (other than the plastic bag) haha..

Figure out where is the crab..

Small fishes..

Big fishes..All of them are swimming in the same direction one..

Star fish...

Me n QQ...

Me again...^.^

Me and Ling..

QQ...she's so cute..

QQ and Ling ling..both wearing a hat..=)

Ling ling wearing my sun

I didn't really like this place..Because most of the visitors there were Malays...all very ham sup one..kept staring at my breast..some even take pictures of my butt..HATE THEM..After we finished our photo session..We went to a Hotel's toilet to do business..hahaha...

Pictures of me and the toilet..I know i'm insane..lolx...

Me n QQ again..


Me n Ling..


After that, we went back to Tawau..QQ brought us to visit her father's factory..

I slept at QQ's house tonight..=)This is her room...

A picture drew by funny yet cute..=p

QQ showed me her baby cute...hahahaha...

Me and QQ talked about alot of things that night..I told her about my broke ups and some relationship problems..thanks for listening to me..=)nice talking to her but we chatted untill very late..We never attended church service for the next day because we've over slept...haha...

That's all for today..=)

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