Saturday, December 26, 2009

stupid brother!

i can't believe he's doing this to me! like seriously! my mother went back to kl yesterday and left me, my brother and my father here at ipöh. my father drove his car out to work. and now my brother drove the only car left at home out for the whole day and leave me alone at home! nevermind, so i messaged him and ask him to buy me some potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and some chicken bones to boil soup so that my father can come home for dinner since my mother is away. but you know what he replied? he asked me to walk out to buy coz he's not gonna come back this early! can you believe this?

All this while whenever he needs people to fetch i'm always there to fetch him. and see now how he treats me back in return! like yesterday, me noel and poh yee went to ipöh parade coz we wanted to sing k but there's no more room for us so i called my brother to come and fetch us and you know what he said? he said don't want coz he's sleeping! do you know how angry i was yesterday? but nevermind, i forgave him and at night he wanted me to dyed his hair and i did it no matter how tired i am coz it was already 2something in the morning. AND NOW YOU SEE HOW HE TREATS ME! ASKED ME TO WALK OUT ALONE TO BUY STUFF JUST TO COOK FOR HIM AND MY FATHER! i really hate him a lot right now! how can he treats me like this? i'm his sister okay!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What am I up to ?

As you know I am now having 2 months of semester break and I actually make full use of these 2 months. Let me show you what am I up to lately though pictures...

06/11/09 was me and Bi's 3rd year anniversary. Time really flies huh?

Anyways, we didn't manage to celebrate our anniversary because I had an event (Suria KLCC's annual dinner) to attend that night and I have to be there in the afternoon to do sound check.

That night's theme was ROCK. So this is what I wore for that night's performance~
Do I look like a ROCKER? XD

That's the stage I performed at.

And these are the tables for the guest.
Very nice decorations huh? I love the balloons~^^

While I am doing the sound check in the afternoon, Bi waited for me outside....
Looks like an Angel right? I even added a pair of pink wings for him. LOL!!

The next day which is the 12th of Nov, Yifen tagged me along to join the pop idol competition at IOI mall....

A picture of myself...
That day very "Suey" lo...I felt down on the floor and now my knee has got a scar!! T.T

Another picture with the driver -- Yifen

My 2 new friends..Lawrence and Carine..~^^
They were there to join the competition too~

I'm in love with Carine lo~ She's so elegant and friendly~ I hope she'll win the competition~^^

A picture with Yifen and Carine~

Sense Cafe~
This is the cafe that we spent most our time sitting there while waiting for the results and etc.

I love the design of the cafe~ It feels like home!! Very comfortable~^^

FYI, I was chosen for the 2nd round but not the 3rd round because the judges said my singing is very operatic. Hmm...I wonder why.....But anyways, it was a fun experience thou. Carine and Yifen manage to get in to the 3rd round but Yifen quitted because she has figure out that she love composing more than singing on stage~

So I wish Carine all the best and win the competition~^^ You can do it girl!! Gambateh~

That night, I suddenly have an evil thought which is to cut my fringe short and so I take out a scissors and start cutting.........

Results >>

Yirui saw me cutting my fringe and she said she wanna cut her fringe too so I cut for her also..

Results >>

HH came back and saw our fringe short and we persuaded her to cut her fringe short too~

Results >>

The 3 of us....~^^

Yirui playing around with the flash. =.="

13/11/09 this is the day that me and Bi celebrated our anniversary~ =)
Having short fringe is easier for me to merajuk.

Having short fringe is also easier to act innocent.

Yet I can be a happy girl smiling widely.

In conclusion, having short fringe is AWESOME!! Whoever want a short fringe can contact me!! I only charge Rm5 per fringe cut! LOL~

A picture of me and Bi~
Guess where are we~ If you guess correctly I might consider giving you a free fringe cut. XD

Oh, having short fringe can be nerdy too~ How great is it? LOL!

Can act cute too? <3

And last week, Eddy, HH, and Rui came to my damansara condo to look for me and we went out for supper at Kayu together with my brother and Bi.
See how long is the roti tisu~! It costs us Rm5 leh!!

Group picture without me because I was the camera women~XD
Oh ya, spot the guy with a chicken hair. -- Eddy the chicken!!

And saturday, as usual I went to color palette studio to teach and this is one of my vocal student.
I asked her to practice her singing and she said she wanna practice piano..=.="

Lastly, a picture of my yellowish teeth.
Is it supposed to be like this? Or I need to consult a dentist to clean my teeth? Let me know because I have got no idea what am I suppose to do~

Ok, that's all for today. Will update my one day trip to Genting with Bi soon.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I lurve Holidays~!!

We're now having two months of semester break. But yesterday was officially my first day of holiday because I was kinda busy before that due to some gigs, events, classes, and competition. There are more to come but at least I am free for now~ Weeeee~

Just came back from Genting with bi, planned to stay there for a night but all the hotel rooms are fully occupied so we got no choice but to drive back to my damansara's condo. But it's not a bad thing either~ This means we don't need to waste money for the hotel room and I got to get myself a purse from Carlo Rino~!! Wuuuhuuu~~ Oh wait, Bi bought it for me as my birthday present. *Happy* Thank you bi!!

And for now, I am waiting for Eddy, Huey Hsiang and Yirui to come and find me~ They will be staying here tonight so it's gonna be one FUN night. Looking forward to see them..Ling, you've missed all the fun part. Wuuhuu~

Will update my blog again whenever I am free~ Weee~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My voice graduation recital~

Guys!! I'm doing my voice graduation recital on the 2nd of Nov. This is a very important day to me because this is the last voice recital I will be having in UCSI's University recital hall!! Do come and support if you've got a HEART... (^v^) It's my graduation recital okay? This will only happen once in a lifetime!! So you MUST come!!


This is my graduation poster~^^

And this will be the front page of my program notes....=)

Do come and support ya? 2nd of Nov, 4-5.30pm ~^^

Signing off with loads of love and kisses.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm so excited right now!! Wanna know why?? You should know why because my title has said it all~XD 

Was planning to buy MacBook Pro 13 inch for Rm4099-student price (Original price was Rm4499) but it was out of stock and I was told that MacBook and MacBook Pro's function is almost the same but MacBook only costs me Rm3499-(student price) Original price was Rm3699. So finally I have made up my mind and chose MacBook instead of MacBook Pro~!!!

I'm now blogging using my MacBook~ Cool huh? After so many years, finally I have got my MacBook Babe!! It's so much convenient now!! It's time to say bye bye to VIRUS~!! Happy*

P/S: I am performing at TTDI Plaza this coming friday starting by 7.30pm. Do drop by if you're free. =)

P/S/S: My Vocal graduation recital is scheduled on the 2nd of November. Do make yourself free that day ya? Will update you guys when I know the exact time. 

Yours truly,
Angela a.k.a deangelogy

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Performing@Bangkok Jazz

Sorry guys~ I lied in the previous post and no one seem to realize that guy in the picture with me is actually my brother -- Duncan~ LOL!! Gotcha!! Hahaha...XD

So, this post is to invite you guys to a performance in Bangkok Jazz this coming Friday and Saturday. I am the lead singer for both nights and both night's performance will be the same so you can come either one night.

Date: 11th and 12th of Sept (Friday and Saturday)
Start time: 10.30pm
Location: Bangkok Jazz Bistro (@Raja Chulan Square)


Vocalist: Angela Ong (me)
Keyboardist: Ooi Keng Ching
Bassist: Rozhan Razman
Drummer: Wagner Daniel

For those who don't know the place, it's actually just opposite Pavilion. ~^^

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A brand new start with a new boy friend

Let me introduce you my new love~

Handsome or not? XD

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holiday fever


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UCSI Modern Band Concert

We're having a Modern Band Concert this coming Friday which is the 14th of August. Come and join us if you're a music lover!! You will regret if you miss the concert!! Hahahaha....

And the main point is...

I am performing TOO!!! XD

Free Admission
Friday, August 14, 2009
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Recital Hall, Level 3, Block C, South Wing, UCSI University

A concert with a wide range of music and of different genres such as Fusion, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Metal and many more.. All performances will be performed by UCSI's very own music students from the Contemporary Music Department..

So I will see you guys there ya? Let me know if you're coming!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is your intention?

After the Jeju trip, I've changed a lot. In terms of character. I'm more straight forward now. If I don't like means I don't like. I won't really talk to you if I don't like you. As compared to last time, I like myself more now. At least I don't need to pretend to be nice anymore~

Some people might think being too straight forward is not a good thing. But I don't care already. I'm tired of pretending and I hate pretenders!! Like seriously!!

If you don't like me then just stay away from me!! Stop showing me your FAKE smile!! And one more thing, you think you're smarter than me? You think you're prettier than me? Go F*** yourself!! At least I am pretty inside.

Notes for HH~
Girl, I don't know what to say to you now. I just wanna let you know that I was really upset and frustrated when you told me you pass the key to Karen. I even cried when I got back to my room. A lot of things had happened during that trip to Korea and when this happened, I was really mad you know? You were my friend and even housemate for like almost 4 years? And now you tell me you wanna give me a lesson? I really don't get it!! You know me better than anyone else does isn't it? I really don't know what is your intention and I think I better not know......

Whatever it is, I am feeling much much more better now. I hope things will turn better too. So, don't take things too serious la...I am fine with you already. And I am really glad that you actually wrote me an apologize letter. Never expect you will apologize though. =)

Before I end this post, there's something I wanna scream out on behalf of Kai Sing.
You faker!! stay away from all of us~ You're not welcome in our group!! No matter how pretty you are, we will still think you're ugly because you're ugly inside!! Even your smile look so FAKE~ So stop thinking that you're pretty!! You're just another ugly B*tch!! And stop back stabbing people!! You can trust no one starting from now on because whatever you tell us, we'll just spread out everything and tell that person who you back stab and she/he (most probably just "she" coz you'll always act innocent infront of guys) is gonna hate you forever like me and Kai Sing do!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from Korea!!!

Yes~ Finally I am back from Korea~!!
(A big thank you to all those who left comments in my previous post~ love all of you~^^)

Being quarantined was not too bad overall. At least I can relax a bit, stay away from assignments for a week, and most importantly spend more time with my friends~

First two days was a disaster. But after that everything went quite smoothly.
(Maybe we're more used to it already?)

Will blog about this trip whenever I am free~

Signing off with loads of lurvesss~^^

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quarantined in Korea~

HEY!! I'm so bored here~ We canceled all our performances and also flight just because a few person in our group got H1N1 and we have to quarantine ourselves for a week. Or maybe a month? Who knows? H1N1 is getting much and much serious. Even me myself scared I will get infected also. Coz if I am infected, they will quarantine me and I will have to stay alone in a big room or maybe hospital all by myself~!!!

I hate H1N1~!!!

All of us have to stay at this boring resort at all time and those temperature who got up to 37.4 have to send them to another place to quarantine. Scary right? My temperature has gone up to 37.3 before~ I was so scared that time okay?? But don't worry, it's now 36.8~ T.T

So all of you~ do pray for me ya? I miss Malaysia so much!! We are suppose to fly back to Malaysia yesterday but due to all these circumstances, we have to stay longer~!! Sigh....*

And finally, to prove that I am typing this post from Korea........

I don't even know what am I typing!!

That's all for now~ miss you guys so much~ ='(

I started to hate Korea already....T.T

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Such A Mess!!!

Everybody is sleeping now and I am busy packing!! What should I bring to Korea? I don't know what to pack!! How?!!?!! Help me!!!

My room is super MESSY now I tell you~!

Messy right??!!

A closer look~
Gosh!! What am I suppose to do with all these things??!!

Btw, I've got myself this cute little makeup bag few days ago..
Love it so much~ =) It's definitely flying to Korea together with me~^^

I just labeled these two bottles~ Nice? :p

I'll be back in 5 days which is the 19th of July (Sunday) So don't miss me too much ya? LOL!!!

I am gonna miss all of you~ MUAX!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can't believe I am going to Korea with my Uni friends!!

I am going to Jeju Island ( the most beautiful island in Korea ) TOMORROW!!!

Never thought I can go overseas with my friends but HEY!!! This is really happening~" ( Thanks to Emmanuel, I am now a drama queen too~ =.= !!)

I am so excited right now. But do pray for me as H1N1 is getting more serious recently.

And BTW, I have got my long hair BACK!! I have dyed it brown too~!! Yippee~
I still prefer having long hair....

A picture of me and Teddy~
Long hair suits me better huh? =)

Till then.
Signing off with loads of lurves and kisses~


Never thought of being in a relationship for more than a year.

Before knowing Victor, my relationship will never last for more than 4 months.Not even once! I wonder why.....

I seriously never thought of having a relationship that will last for more than a year but now I have made it!! It's already 2 years and 8 months leh!! Almost 3 years already~ Can you imagine how much we have been through? Maybe to you 2 years are just nothing. But to me, 2 years are A LOT~!! ~SERIOUSLY~

So, me and Victor spent our monthly anniversary at NANDOs. As usual. (We just LOVE Nandos.) =)
Mushroom + Chicken soup.

1/2 Chicken. Extra Hot.

My smile looked fake here. =.="

After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean for coffee.
I used to hate coffee but now I likey~!! (but not those bitter ones lah~)
Just because I think drinking coffee looks COOL~



Some camwhore pictures~

I am the photographer for these two pictures~ Nice right?? HAHA!!


Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Necklace from Forever 21

Heels from ELLE

Pictures of the 2 of us~


I don't know whether we are meant to be together...
but I will treasure every seconds we have together...