Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being single?

I almost forgot the feeling of being single. But sometimes, I really do hope that I am single. At least I don't need to care about other people's feeling, and I can do whatever I want!!

I kinda admire Huey Hsiang for now. She is much more happy now compared to last time!! Is it because she is now single again after so many years of being jailed? I want to be like her!! Does it mean I need a break up??

I am fed-up of getting angry over little things.
I am fed-up of crying because of him.
I am fed-up being jealous about small little things.
I am fed-up of everything!!!

I want freedom!!! I want to live my own life!!!

Sometimes I do wish I can turn back time. I wish I have never be with him........

P/s: I am crying now because I am loving this Cny break and I don't wanna leave Ipoh. I don't wanna leave my family members!! Mummy cook me good food. Daddy hugs me wherever I go. My brother just knocked my door saying he wanna watch movie together with me. And I also love my house in Ipoh!!
I love 'em all!!! I really do.....................T_T

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Must watch videos!!!

I found this videos of me singing in youtube today.

The first one, "It don't mean a thing".

I sang this song for my voice recital last year march.

And this second song is "Trapped in Toyland." I sang this for last year's band concert back in August. It's kinda loud so do tune down the volume ya? =)

And lastly, a song that I just sang yesterday for my band assessment, "In a sentimental mood"

How was it?? I listened to all these 3 videos for several times and I got a conclusion, which is.....NO IMPROVEMENT!!!! sigh* .....................

I am just too lazy to practice!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!

Fyi, I am now back in Ipoh and I have just paint my nails RED!! Chinese New Year ma!!! Hahaha.....

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!

Angel says: "Gong Hei, Gong Hei!!" =p

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It has been a busy week

but I will never disappoint my readers. Kononnya!! Hahahaha....

Anyways, here is one of the pictures taken that day at Victor's condo pool side as I have mentioned in the previous post.

I am loving it~ How about you?? What do you think of the picture above??
Leave me some comments to tell me about it k?

Don't have the time to resize all of the pictures so will post up the rest in my next post so stay tuned for more pictures k?


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A random post..

I had a photoshoot yesterday at victor's condo pool side. Kinda like the outcome of the pictures..hehe..will post up the pictures soon after I resized all the pictures. So stay tuned for more updates ya? Love all of you..

Sorry for being so random. I am just too boring right now. Hahahaha..ok ok..enough!!

Till then and toodles!!! Muax!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First period ever...

Duh!! Not me la of course!! You thought I am so free now to tell you my experience on my first day of period?? LOL!!

Angel is the one having her period. First time. And it's today!! 13-01-2009

Aiya, my Angel grown up already. Hahahaha...And as what Ling said," Oh, Angel can make love already!!" =.="

Ok, here are some photos taken today after class. I was suppose to go for gym after class today with Dennis and friends but I didn't. Lazy bah! XD

Anyways, enjoy~
I wore my Baju Punjabi to Uni today.
Thank you ling!! I love it so much!!
Me and my Angel.

Yeah. I know I have got messy hair so what?!

See!! Angel really grown up already huh? Or it's just because of the fur that makes her look HUGE? hmm....

Camwhore together with Victor.....
Victor looks cuter than me lor!! Not fair!!

Yea..yea...I know I have got messy hair!!

And lastly,
Awww~ I have got kissed!! Hehehehe....don't be jealous ya? LOL!!!

That's all for now~ stay tuned for more updates ya? ~^^

Sunday, January 11, 2009

iPod touch !!!

Omg omg omg!! my father bought me an Ipod touch!! Like seriously wey!! well, actually he gave it to me because he seldom use it. but still!! It's still like new okay??!! I'm so so so happy right now n im actually using my Ipod touch to blog now!! yahoo!!! I love my daddy so much!! Muax muax muax!!! Now that I can blog without using my laptop already!!!

But the only thing I don't like is.........

Well, I am surely going to change the casing and all to PINK soon. S.O.O.N!!!!

So, stay tuned for pictures of my pink Ipod touch ya? I am not gonna post it now coz it is BLACK !!! =.="


Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first ever MAC product !!!

No. Not MacBook.

Yesterday after my Hamm class, I followed Dennis car back. Yea, actually we're just planning to go back to our condo. But suddenly Dennis asked,: "So, Where are we going?"

And our conversation went on like that,

Me:" Go home lah. If not? Go Mid Valley ar??"
nis:" Oh, ok la!! I wanna buy Jeans!! But not so expensive one lah~ Rm100++ ok edy."
Me:" Waaaaa!! Rm100++ still said not expensive arr??? =.="
nis:" Oh, Hahahahaha......"

And we remain laughing......

I cannot tahan la....everytime I go out with him sure laugh till stomache one!! Is it a good thing?? I don't know. XD

Our conversation continued after laughing for almost 10 minutes!! LOL!!

Me:" So are we like so serious about the Mid Valley plan??
Nis:" Huh?? I don't know!! You wanna go or not?"
Me:" I anything lah. Go only la."
Nis:" Serious ar?"
Me:" Ya la, since I got nothing to do also."
Nis:" Ok lah~!! Or you wanna go 1utama?"
Me:" Can also!! Can go visit my new house in Bandar Utama also!!"
Nis:" Oh, ya loh!! I wanna visit your new house!!"
Me:" Then I call my mother now tell her that we're going ok?"
Nis:" Err, cannot la. Later when we wanna come back sure very jam one."
Me:" =.=" So?"
Nis:" Hahahahahaha.....we go Mid Valley first la!! Next time only visit your new house!"
Me:" Ok la..Let's go!!"

Our plan is like so sudden lo!! Hahahaha....

Anyways, Dennis managed to buy his Jeans from Quicksilver. And I managed to get myself a new compact powder from MAC!!! This is my first time buying MAC product and I am very happy with it!! Like seriously~!! I hope it will be more coming. XD

Pictures of my MAC compact powder..>>

Cool huh? =)

This whole thing cost me Rm160!!!

I thought it was kinda expensive but if this brand is really like so good then I think it is worth it loh~ Coz as what Huey Hsiang said, cosmetic is what you use to put on your face so better buy those good quality ones lah~^^

And today, me and Victor went to Lowyat to buy an external hard disk for myself because my laptop has insufficient space. And so, a pink one of coz~!! XD

It's 320gb ~!! It costs me Rm265!!

I also bought a pouch for my lovely hard disk which is also PINK!! hahahaha....XD

Nice hor?? I am so happy right now but sad at the same time. Why sad? Coz I am broke !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Header designing competition


I am sick of seeing the ugly header of mine up there. Like seriously okay? I once thought it was nice but now I feel like vomiting every time I see that picture of mine!! (okay, I know I'm exaggerating but STILL!! XD ) My smile looks so FAKE and err......I donno...JUST UGLY!!

So, I am setting up a competition. Design me a nice and pinky header and WIN a mysterious gift !! Anyone? XD

Send me an email at saying that you are interested in joining this competition and I will send you my pictures through mail. Okay?

Due date: 09-02-2009

And yea, I am planning to buy a new phone and so I am going to sell my Nokia 7390 out, anyone interested? Email me if you are interested. Cheers~^^

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deangelogy is back in action

Sorry readers...I know my blog is so dead!! But don't worry...Deangelogy aka Angela is back in action!!! LOL!!

And for your information, I am not really into anything recently. It's just the lazy me!! I am too lazy to blog and especially to resize all the pictures and post it up here~!! But I know all of you would like to see more pictures up here and that is why I rather not blog than to blog but nobody is gonna read what I have written here!! Right?? For example crazywrazy, He told me before that he just love to see pictures and not read what I have written!! So sad right??

So, why should I write anything in my blog since nobody is gonna read what I have written?? Or maybe I should just stop blogging?? Maybe I should. Hmmm.......

So now, tell me what do you think. Are you not gonna read my blog anymore if I am not going to post anymore pictures up here? Or you will still support my blog even if it's just a blog full of WORDS only?

Comments are open to all of you~

Oh ya, you can also email me at to tell me what you think.

Till then and toddles~^^