Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Hairstyle . New Life

Yea....again..Angela is fed up with her old hairstyle and now she is a brand new person with a brand new hairstyle...Although not everybody likes my current hairstyle..but who's still me...If you don't like it..then shut your mouth up!!! Nobody is gonna blame you for being quiet..I swear...=)

Darl came to ipoh to find me yesterday..stays at my place for a night then go back to Kl today!! I am so glad that he purposely drives to my place and find me...not near you know? I love you darl..=) is Pei yee's wedding...I just came back from the church...she looks so pretty today!! Looking at both of them...I also feel like getting marry already..lolx..they're so sweet...Is everything gonna be sweet forever? Is every relationship gonna remain as how it started? A lot of things had happened recently..thought it's not about me..but still I feel sad for them...mummy and yirui...both of you really have to stay tough and cool as you always do k? I know it's been a hard time for the both of you...But everything is gonna get over soon...what you need to do now is to be patient...wait and see what are you are suppose to do next..just do your best and let God do the rest k? I will always love you guys..coz you guys are always being there for me when I need someone to be with...So now that you guys are having problems...I will be there for both of you too..Always will be...muax... of my new hairstyle...enjoy!!!~

New hairstyle . New Life

Like it or not?

Who cares whether you like it or not!! hahaha...XD

side view of my new hairstyle..=)

back view ~

another side view..~

Oh ya..yesterday I went to parade to do manicure before I went to sing k with Lai Ann..This is the first time I let people do my nails...coz I always do everything by myself..never let people do for me one...XD hahaha...Anyway, I don't really like it...coz it's too *LADY*...don't really suits my outlook..lolx...If next time I am going to let people do again..I will tell me a wild looking manicure...not a so called *lady looking* one...hahahahahhaa.....

photo of my nails!!! Cost me RM20 arr!!! *French manicure*(ignore my fat fingers!!!)

nice? hahahaa...

nails that I did myself last time..

nice right? hehehehe..

While waiting for my nails to be dry..

After doing my nails...I brought Duncan to pierce his ear!!!! hahahahaha....I am such a bad brother now is only 16 years old you know? lolx..But what to do? I love guys who wear ear rings...So I want my brother to be my sample of guys that I like...hahahahaha...Yea...I know I am a bad sista...XD photo of my brother's ear...lolx..

photo of my and darl...

(yea I know I look fat...)


Here are some photos taken today..(pei yee's wedding)

Nice roses..

Me and papa ( sunny )

jie ling..*photographer of the day* hehehe..

The bride (pei yee) and her sista (pei shan)


they guys...>>>

THE END >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, November 22, 2007

lazy to blog..

Recently I am so lazy to blog..Almost everyday I am editing photos and I donno why....I think I better give up music and take arts..lolx..I wanna be a designer!!!A very very famous designer...but...I know it's not gonna are some of the photos that I've edited during these few days..enjoy...~

lovely mummy~ =)


Stephanie~ cool right? =)


Before and after...=)

this is the one I love the most~ =)

This also..hehehe..

Check this out...interesting...(before and after)
focus on his nose and pimples...XD

Yik ling~

thinner edy huh?mouth also smaller...XD

focus on her chin and teeth~ whiter teeth..and no more braces...

and this is me!! hahaha...focus on me enough edy..lolx..

Btw, I cried that day when I was viewing Jiarou's blog..I don't know what happened...I just suddenly thought back of our past...we used to be very very close until something happened..I cried and cried until Victor called me and asked me to stop crying..I know I shouldn't cry for this small matters but I just can't help it...I can't control my tears either..anyway...just to let you know...I miss you my friend...if only there's a time machine that can bring us back to the past..yea I know..A glass that has once broken..will never be completely fixed..but can't we just try to fix it? though it's hard but at least we tried...right? nvm...ignore me...I am just a jerk who only knows how to hurt people's feelings...~

this is a picture that I've edited's only for you "Jiarou..."
those were the days...=)

Btw, I've permed my hair...never expect my hair will turned out like mar..lolx..At first I thought of straighten my hair only...but when the barber is putting on those medical thingy on my hair..I suddenly thought of doing something else which is the hairstyle I am having now..Coz I saw my friend having this hairstyle too and it looks nice!! But don't know why it turns out like this on me..lolx...

anyhow, I still like it..but not everybody can take it lo..even my bf--victor can't take it...hahaha..but what to do? there's nothing I can do saying it doesn't suits me...ACCEPT IT!! XD

this is called a zig zag hairstyle~ like maggie mee only...lolx..

My hair just burst!!! lolx..accept it no matter you like it or not...!!!

that's all for now..lazy to post edy...bye~

Friday, November 16, 2007

A trip to.......


Went up to Genting with "The Family" A 3 days 2 nights trip. Well first of all...our room
3 sor pohs hanging around the toilet...
The dolls of the girls...but concentrate on the puppies enough d XD
"Kaiwai" mama at the food
Sweet dear dear and Ling Ling at the Bum City...
Dear dear, Yirui and Ling Ling...
Dear dear and Ling Ling and of course the eye of
Dear Dear and Ling Ling with the "fake dog"
What the...(yin cher's line) Ling driving with her feet =.=
Sweet Dear Dear at First World Plaza...taken by Papa

Dear with her favourite nut..chest nuts...
Dear and Ling in front of our hotel room...
The place we had our first dinner in Genting...(treated by Papa's uncle)
The four girls during the dinner...
Dear, Yirui and Mama...ignore that Papa
Girls and Papa's auntie at the Resort Hotel lobby...
The beheaded girls...
The family without me in front of Highland Hotel...
The family without me in front of Highland Hotel...V2
The family without me in front of Highland Hotel...V3
Girls at Cloud 9...
A close shot of Yirui..
Dear dear pretending to be Cat woman after watching it...
Dear dear, Ling Ling and Yirui in the Theme Park...
A close shot of Ling Ling...dun think she knows that i took
A close shot of my Dear Dear..hehe..muax!
Another one...muax!
The girls doesn't look good in mood...cause raining while we were in the theme park...
Yirui, Mama and Papa on the Pirate Ship...
Dear Dear and Ling Ling on the Pirate Ship...oi, mana saya?!!
A shot of Mama, Papa's masterpiece
Finally me!!!!!!! Group Picture...
Rui and Ling on the Space Ship
Papa and Mama on the Space Ship...
A shot I snapped while I was on the Sliding, yes...I brought my Camera
Spinning err...dunno spinning and Mama playing
Sun setting...
Me and dear before we got up to the Solero Shot
we're on it..Papa's actually covering his on the picture to enlarge..
Alright, I think that's all for now...see you guys when college reopen..cheers!
PS: our room on the last, not so messy though