Monday, May 14, 2007

New friends..

I got to know a new friend today..but i've forgotten to ask his name..haha..He is a music student too..2nd week in UCSI...He is also taking a degree course...You know what? Both of us some more practice together in the practice room this afternoon while waiting for choir class to start..His piano skills are quite good also..He told me that his hearing is much much more better than sight reading, which is same as me..I always failed my sight reading one you know?haha..

Each and every friend of mine does mean a lot to me..So from today onwards, I am going to jot down the date whenever I get to know a new friend..haha..funny right? but it will be very memorable..=)

Oh ya, I just came back from bridge's camp in SJK (C) Serdang Baru (2) yesterday..very tiring but fun!!...Our camp started at the 11th of May (Friday) and ended yesterday which is the 13th of May.....The closing ceremony was so touching..Everyone was crying and I got influence by them also..started crying and crying...hugging my group members...Most of us cried..except from those cold blooded people...lolx..

Here are some photos that I took in the camp..enjoy!! >>

li wei, one of my sheep..haha..

while they were listening to the speech..

My group members couldn't finish their chicken, I ate them all...poor me..

my group members..

One of the mischivious sheep of mine..very talkative but I love listening to him..Because I am his shepherd..haha..

My group name..=)

Fashion show..>>

My group members...while having our lunch..

Group leader (me) and my group members..=) memorable..

We were having group discussion..

They got the best actor and actress award..=)

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love_angel_music_baby=lingz'ahotic said...

i hate sight-reading too..