Friday, May 30, 2008

My short fringe...

As I've mentioned in the last post...I've just cut my fringe last night....don't really like it.....It looks like I am wearing a helmet....lolx...But who cares? (I care...=X ) Hair will grow out very soon...

Pictures of me having short fringe >> (makes me think back of my secondary school life)

So? what do think of my short fringe?? Shout at my cbox ya?? Ciaoz~!!^^

>>>going to Port Dickson tomorrow with Dennis and Sammi!!~ HURRAY!!!!

A brand new Elson!!~^^

I am chatting with Elson now!! Very happy lo...Haven't been chatting with him since ages ago....Miss him a lot!!!

We chatted about my hairstyle...since he's now a professional hair stylist...I think he is doing good over there lo...He has his own saloon called Sub Image...listen to the name also very cool already lo..lolx...

He sent me one of his photo since I missed him so much!~~ hahaha...
Here goes >>

Nice hairstyle huh?? Love his hairstyle a lot lo!! hehehe....~^^

And here is a video of him helping a model to make over....very cool lo..MUST SEE!!

cool right?

I'm looking forward to see him lo....really missed him a lot!!!
By the way, just to let you guys know that I have just cut my fringe today (again) hahaha...Don't really like it lo...but what to do?? It's already fixed...Will post up my photos tomorrow if I am free!~^^

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toy Poodle!!!

I want TOY POODLE!!! Anyone can get me a toy poodle?? I WANT!!!! Or anyone know who's selling toy poodle?? please check for me k? Hopefully I can buy it at the rate of Rm300~!!I am so desperate to have a toy poodle!! They are damn cute you know??

Here are some pictures of toy poodle that I've just downloaded from the internet...Check it out!! I am sure you'll fall in love with them as I do....^^

Toy poodle in brown~

see!! so cute!!! OMG!~~

They really look like a toy only loh!!!~~

So small!~~

Check this out!! It's just the size of a cola!!

Personally, I don't like black poodle that much...too black la..can't even see their eyes and nose properly...lolx...

SO CUTE!!!~^^

baby toy poodle!!~ (sure very small size lo!!)

photo added>>

toy poodles look so grand after shaving their fur...

This one looks like a LION....lolx...

This one very cute lo!! Like doll only..hahaha...

Dennis likes this >> Poodle in grey...(and he's persuading his father to buy him a toy poodle as his b'day present..lolx...)

Waa...this one looks like a queen lo!! So Classy!!~^^

So? Fallen in love with them yet??!! If you are not...You are confirmed heartless!! hahahaha....

By the way, here are some videos of toy poodle...MUST SEE!! Very cute one lor I tell you!! *no kidding*

Friday, May 23, 2008

Shining Teens 2008~^^



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vote for me!~^^

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How well do you know me?

This test is for me to know who truly knows me the best!!~~^^

Create your own Friend Test here

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shining Teens 2008 !!!~~


I'm now joining a competition organized by K BOX and Olympia College named "Shining Teens"...

Need your support by sending SPF F1 to 32618...

Must support me oh!!! ^^

add my friendster
HERE and do remember to leave comments for me!! As much as possible because it's a part of the competition...lolx...Thanks a lot....I appreciate for your support!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check this out !!

I just saw this in a forum...Someone posted it up....I tried and it was fun!!! MUST TRY!! See how fast are you...=) The first time I typed was 45 words per minute only...summore got 3 wrong words...lolx...Try it and tell me how many words do you get correct per minute!! =)


Click Here to try!!

my second time's results >>

52 words


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bag Rulez !!

I tell you guys hor...I've bought 5 different bags online!!! I don't know why am I so crazy about bags nowadays....Maybe get influenced by mummy and meimei-yirui?? lolx..This is my first time doing such thing!!! Such thing means buy 5 bags in one shot!!! But seriously I LOVE the design of the bags a lot lo!!!*no kidding*

Here are the photos of bags that I bought >>

A .

For this I bought the white poka dots one...very cute right?? =)

B .

This I choose yellow because it's striking enough to get people's attention!! XD


This one I purposely buy to put my luggage...(big enough ma...) =p


This one I think it's very sweet lo...Don't you think so?


This one is for me to bring to college one...XD

So, which one do you like the most?? Choose from A-E...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Sorry guys....

I've not been blogging since.....errr...when arrr?? =.=" I also forgot already....lolx........

But you guys have to be more understanding lo...Sometimes it's not that I don't wanna blog lo..It's just that my laptop's keypad has got something wrong....Several numbers are not working already...So I've sent it back to the ASUS factory to repair....Not that I purposely don't want to blog ok??

This post is for those people who complaint about me not blogging for such a long time...Especially Mr Ong Chong Han!! Some more call me SLACKER wo!!! How dare you!!!
Mr Xie E also....My laptop is still not fixed yet la......=.="

Even my beloved Ling also said me dai lan chong??? ='( I really very sad already lo...BUT!!!
LING!!! you yourself also never update your blog lo ok??!?!?? You also DAI LAN CHONG lo!!!! Blerk!~~ hahahahahaha....

Ok la....This is just a random post of mine....gtg la now la...will blog again when my laptop is back....Most probably I will get it back next week....Hopefully it's fixed by next week la....pray hard for it....XD


stay tuned!!~~