Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sabah (Tawau) trip..

SEM BREAK!!!hurray!!!

I planned to follow yik ling and QQ back to Tawau for holidays on the 19th of April. Then QQ told me that her father has bought a flight ticket from Kl to Tawau but he got work to do in Kl..had to stay longer here..So, he is gonna give me his of charge you know? Because if not he is going to waste the ticket also...I just have to spend RM75 (included tax) to change my name for the flight ticket..OMG!!i was so happy that time..Do you guys know when am I flying over to Sabah? Let me tell you now..20th of April..means the next day...TOMORROW>> hahaha...It was like last minute planning but I felt so excited..=)

Well, the next day..QQ purposely wake up early in the morning and go to KL central just to change my name for the flight ticket..I was still sleeping that time..If i am not mistaken, she did came into my room and asked me if i wanted to follow her there..but i said no, because i was really very very tired that time..or I should say i am always so tired..haha..So do not ask me anything when i am sleeping...I'll surely say don't want one..If you want me to go with you, just pull me up..or another way that yik ling always uses..She will bang into my room...sit next to me..start chatting with me..bla bla bla..She'll never care if i am sleeping or whatever..She will just talk and talk and talk..It could sometimes last for 15 minutes one you know? Then i'll slowly wake up by myself...hahaha...Sometimes she will ask me questions..Then i have to use my brain to think of how to answer her..that is why i will surely wake up one..If you wanna be can try to pour water on me..( but make sure you don't wet my pillow ) If not i will surely get angry!!Ok, back to my topic...I am so sorry QQ..I felt so bad when i woke up and realized that you were out just because of me..SO so SO so SO sorry...but do remember ya?never ask me anything when i am sleeping..Because i will assume that i was just dreaming after I woke up...=P

We reached LCCt airport by 3 something in the afternoon..
Here are some photos that we took in front of LCCT airport..

LAN--->our taxi driver

Ling ling..

Me and ling..

Ling and QQ..


QQ lining up at the counter..

Me n QQ...going to pay for my flight ticket..

Ling waiting for us at the back..

This stupid malay guy cut our line while we were busy taking photos!!!duh!!!ish!!

Saya punya resit bagi flight tiket..

We ate mc donald for our dinner...hehehe..

Acting like Mr Bean...hahahaha...

Me again..=)

Me n QQ..

Me and ling..she purposely close her eye one...hmpf!!

I saw kah ming at the airport..She was going back to her hometown also..So I went over to take a pic with her..lolx..

Ladies and Gentlement, I present you "BUI YIK LING"..hahahaha...

Our flight ticket (air asia) scissors..they didn't allow me to bring along my scissors..So I quickly take a last photo of it and I asked the police to take it together with me summore go and shake her funny..she kept laughing and laughing only..hahaha..

In the plane...

Me in the plane..=P

We reached Tawau after 2 hours and 45 minutes..about 8 something at night lo..

QQ's mother come to the airport to pick us nice of her..thanks alot ya? muax..We talked non-stop all the way from the airport till we reached Yik ling's house..They kept on introducing Tawau to me..And they promised they will bring me to a lot of places to have fun..yay!!I'm lovin' it!!hehehe..But one thing, I was kinda like "WHAT?!? Are you serious?" When they told me that there are NO shopping malls over here..and the one and only shopping mall here is OPEN AIR one wor..=.=

Well, at last I've reached Yik Ling's house..purposely take a few pictures of her room to show you guys..THIS IS THE ROOM THAT I STAYED IN TAWAU..

This would be my first day in Tawau..kinda tired but happy..=)

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MeToy said...

ok u look WILD under that plane. that last pic u know.. u shud just FLY beside it... LOL