Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Try it on my own..

I have changed my blog skin, chatter box and have added plenty more things into my blog..For instance, a SEARCH box, a game (SUDOKU) and etc..I am trying to do things on my own...Starting my brand new life..I used to rely on someone else always, never ever put effort to improve myself..I feel so embarrassing...Sometimes I will feel like I am just nobody..I am not worth to be cared or to be loved..I have to admit, I am still not mature enough to make my own decision..I hate to make decisions..but I know no matter what happens, I still need to make my own decisions..

Victor, I used to rely on you so much...You will always stand by me whenever i need someone to talk to, whenever I want someone to give me advises, whenever I need someone to make a decision for me..I really have to thank you for always being there for me...always being so patient to me..and whatever you have sacrificed for me..I really appreciate it a loads..I am so sorry, I have always been so stubborn..I never listened to you..never followed what you asked me to do...always complain about you but expecting you to be considerate, understanding...I am so so so so sorry...You always said you are the one that made me suffer..but actually I am the one who made myself suffer..How stupid am I? I am such a foolish girl!! So starting from now onwards, you don't have to apologize to me anymore..Because you did nothing wrong..I am the one who create all these traps..And now I am falling into my own traps..funny right?

So, starting from today onwards, I have to try everything on my own..shouldn't rely on other people already..I will prove to everyone that I am someone who can solve all my problems on my own..I don't need people to worry about me..I won't let people look down on me!! Because I know I can do it!!

I wanna try to settle everything on my own..
Here is a nice song from Whitney Houston..Check it out ya?

Song name---> Try it on my own..

Well, Joe asked me to join his gang for lunch yesterday after malaysian studies's class..I couldn't make it because I have to check on my payments for this semester..Then after that I got band practice...So, too bad le..haha..Joe is one of my new friends too..I got to know him by last Thursday.."10th of May" in Malaysian Studies class also..He is from Ipoh too..I saw him before when i was still in Ipoh..Because he is one of my best friend's friend...hahaha...It is a small small world..agree? =)


along said...


haha....dats de spirit..go go jia you!!!!

looks like i oso mus gambatte liao lo...put all de past down and move on in my life....strife for a better life o...haha...say is easy though...anyway try our best la hor..GAMBaTTE!!!!=P

haha...u noe ma...jz now wait u uupdate till 4asleep funny=P

Victor said...

You are always welcome =)

Victor said...

Actually, you don't have to emphasize on your fault that much..i can't deny that i did something wrong as well..everyone makes mistakes, so don't think so much anymore k?

@ng31a said...

but still, I have to apologize for what I had did wrong..right? Well, maybe this will be the last time..I won't do the same mistake again..You had made me grown..thank you..=)

Victor said...

sometimes things might be wrong to me but right to you..we never know..that's what we call incompatibles..and if the thing is agreed to be wrong by most of the people around you..then it has higher rate to be claimed that is wrong..and that's the time for you to think twice if it is right to do or not..but still, do what you think is right..cause the decision is always base on you to be made. =)

@ng31a said...

ya la ya la..why you always give comment like an old man one?tak tahan..lolx..anyway, thanks alot la..=)