Friday, June 29, 2007

Canada day = FOOD...lolx..

Ladies and gentlemen..I am here to blog again!! Curious of what am I going to blog?
Be patient le..I am gonna post up a lot of photos today..hehe..

So, let's start..I Went to KL convention centre yesterday to perform for the Canada day..We sang Canada's and also our national anthem which is "OH, CANADA" and "NEGARAKU" As usual, before we leave and lingX2 had our photo session again..haha..

Ling Ling was not in the mood that I treated her ice-cream...XD

After she had an ice-cream..>> got mood to take photo with me already..hahaha..

Had a short rehearsal at College then Junie fetched us to KLCC...
While Junie was driving ....

Me and ling continue taking photos..lolx..

Ms Junie..DRIVING>> haha..

I like this photo a those front page of a photo album like this..haha..

All in black...(like gangster only..lolx..)
walking towards KL convention centre..


In the lift >>

Started our camwhore session right after we reached the make-up room..XD
Coz there are a lot of mirrors...big ones..hahaha..

Me >>

QQ >> I am the one who put make up on her..nice right? hehe..

From left to right --> Me, QQ, Ling..=)

Me and Chloe

Me and my *PRODUCT OF DE DAY* lolx..


Me and ling again..lolx..

Beautiful Melissa...muax..

Wei en and Chloe..=)

Three beautiful ladies...hehe..

Me and my fierce senior..named wan jun..hahaha..

Me and two of my contemporary seniors...muax...

Me and her sweet smile..^^

She's was answering a phone call..haha..
hey~ Spot Melissa...lolx..

The middle one is out senior..=)

Me and mel mel..hehe..

Me and Wen Chin..The president of our school choir..
She's always laughing one..haha..

My two lovely seniors..


Me and Susan again..with lipstick this time..hehe..

Me and Xin Ying >> the president of SINGER DIVISION..=)

Me and Wan Jun again..

Melissa putting on lipstick for Wen Chin..

Check this out..Big face of Wen Chin..>>

Tada~ OMG!! Guess she's trying to seduce Dennis with her sexy lips....wakakakaka...

Me n Ling Ling..

Ohh..I love this photo...

Me and Sin Ee...sweet~

Me and the conductor of the dat..* JUNIE* =) She's always very busy one..

Me and Sheela..P/s : not SHEELA MAJID..hahaha..

Me and QQ again...=)

Time for food!!! There are a lot of delicious food~
Here are some photos of the desert..

arrange until so neat and tidy..but too bad..I am gonna eat them all up..ngek ngek ngek..=P

A lot of them came from Canada..=)

All busy eating..

Me and Mr Dennis~

Dennis, Ling and Mel..

Wen Chin and her prince charming..lolx..

Stephen and Ling..Ling, accept the fact..u're really very short...lolx..

Me and the tallest guy in school of music..Stephen~

Me and the trumpeter >> Victor..=)

Me and Stephen again..

Ling and Mel...Nice angle..

Two tall guys leaning on me..lolx..

Both of them are really very tall..

Me and Victor again..=)

Yik Ling having her mix ice-cream...

Me and ling..with the ice statue..=0 nice right?

STEWARD..He wanna be taller than me..=.=''

Me and Mr. Nickson..=)

Me and Matthew..

eww~ Don't touch me !

Looks cool right? but too's a fake car..haha..


Ling kissing the handsome guy and I am kissing the beautiful lady?!? *I'm not a lesbian* ahaha..

Manager of the football team..>> DENNIS LAW CHU SING..lolx..

My mind suddenly ran out of words to describe this picture..haha..

I got no idea what's he trying to do..lolx..

Jerry and I...lolx..This picture is funny man!! hahaha...

Me and Dennis..=P

This is really a long long post..=) everything has to come to an end now..ciaoz..=)

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