Saturday, June 2, 2007

Choral festival >>

Had lunch with Vic yesterday..and took some photos with him..

monkey Victor..haha..=P




At night, I went to KL pac for a choral festival with Dennis and seniors..Thanks Jenny for being our driver for the night..hahaha..But before I went there..Yik Ling prepared dinner for me..I am so touched!!ahaha..thanks ling u so much..=P

>> photo session >>

my dinner..*with love* Aww...

Kl pac >>

Photos that we took in the toilet..hahaha...=]

This is JENNY>>

From left to right >> Angela, Valerie, Jenny..

Me and Valerie..

Both of us again..

A natural one..lolx..

In front of the mirror..

ME, Michelle and VAlerie..

Me n my seniors..forgot their names edy..pai seh..lolx...

Me and Cloey (donno how to spell her name) hahaha..

And I saw my secondary school friends there also..Poh ling~ I miss ya so much~~

Me, Melissa and Ling X2

Me and Ling..Sweet~ ehehe..

Me, Ryan and Ling..

Me and Ryan cutie..

Went to Maideen for supper with Dennis, Ling, Jenny and Sheela after the Choral festival..Laughed non-stop all the way back..lolx..

The End..

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