Sunday, July 1, 2007

Give me a break pls..

Gosh!! I am freaking busy recently..Just done with my Malaysian Studies assignment..and now have to start preparing for another one..Got tons of homeworks to do especially for my hamm subject..Luckily my midterm had already past last week...If not I am really gonna be insane by now!! Having another performance this coming Saturday and Sunday (7th or 8th of July)..Anyone interested to come and see me perform? It is a choir + Orchestra + Band concert..It is gonna be a very grand concert..and I ensure you that you will never regret for coming to watch us perform..haha..Do let me know if you are interested..because I have reserve tickets for you..Rm20 per ticket..=)
Back to my topic, busy busy busy...The week after this coming week I am going to Pattaya ( Thailand) for a choir competition..again..have to save money for it..Haiz..I have spent a lot of money this semester..For the Jazz Festival..for shopping..for the dress code...OH YA!! when I saw the word dress code I thought of something that makes me really really angry!! Which is our beloved head of music wants all of us to purposely go and buy a long black dress just because of the Alumni Concert!! Nowadays dress ain't cheap you know? the cheapest I can get also have to be more than RM100 ar!!! Well, some more the dress have to be long until ur heels...We are just students you know? What do you expect from us? We can't afford something too expensive!! Our parents work so hard to earn money and we shouldn't waste their money in all these unnecessary things..don't you think so?
I am not gonna buy anyway..My parents won't allow me to buy either..So, the only way is to... *shame shame* *shame shame* *shame shame* wear my mother's dress... You guys will sure ask, :" Can fit meh?" haha..The answer is YES..It's kinda lose but still can fit lo..haha...I don't care!! As long as I don't need to spend money then okay already!! XD

By the way, I had also skipped a lot of classes due to my busy-ness..Have to find some other times to replace all the classes ler..especially my piano and vocal lesson..I miss both my lecturers a lot..Ms Lian and Mr Ian, sorry for skipping so many classes of yours..Do understand me..I don't mean to skip your classes one...SORRY..

GOD!! I really need a break to clam myself down...please give me a break..I will still appreciate it a lot even though it is just a short one..AMEN...

Here is some photos of the night view from my condo..enjoy~

Can you see the red spot? That's Genting~

Nice View huh? Spot Genting!! *Clue: Above the apartment*

From my condo can see KL too..Cool huh?

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