Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I followed Dennis to his replacement vocal class today..Coz I got nothing to do by that particular period..And you know what? I have taken a few pictures of him while he was talking to our vocal teacher (MR Ian Tan) and also recorded a short video of him while he was warming up his voice..haha..

Here comes...>>

Well...before showing you the photos..I have to explain why I insisted to take some photos of him when he was talking to Mr Ian..It is because..hmm..you will know when you see the pictures...I think I don't need to explain also..hahaha..

This is Dennis..>>

He crossed his arms while the lecturer is talking to him..=.=''

He is such a *POLITE* student...don't you think so? wakakaka...
both of them look like going to start a fight..so serious..ahaha..

videos of him while he's doing his warming up..=P

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