Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shopping at Sg Wang~

Went to Sg Wang yesterday to buy black skirt for this coming Thursday's performance in KL Convention Center..(Canada day) Took some photos while waiting for the arrival of VIP of the day at the LRT station >>

This photo looks weird..n FAT...but nvm la..haha...

Here comes the VIP..hahaha..I look so pale in this pic...agree?

Sg Wang's KFC..He's lining up for me..hehe..

After lunch, started our shopping plan~ haha..we started out from SEED~ got sales...hahhaa..
trying out some shirts in SEED..

Went to Sushi King for dinner after I bought my black shirt...=)

Our food..yummy yummy~

Me n Vic~

VIP of the day >>

While waiting for the monorail at the monorail station..

Things that I bought ....

This skirt costs me >>

but luckily got 50% discount..If not I wouldn't buy one~ haha..

And this cost me RM29.90...I consider it kinda expensive also..

And FINALLY, my black skirt...=)

Got 20% discount..but still very expensive..

Photos of the day~ MY BELOVED DADDY WEARING MUMMY'S SHORTS and summore without wearing his underwear inside...
Damn funny wey~ wakakakakaka...

covering something?lolx...

His leg is soOOoooOoo fair..ahahaha...


along said...

haha..nice it^^

@ng31a said...

thanks along...=)