Friday, June 15, 2007

Busy semester~

I am going to be very very busy this 2 recital...vocal and piano recital...and also vocal jury..But there is something I really don't understand..why should a contemporary student learn those classical songs but classical student don't need to learn contemporary pieces? It is so unfair to us you know? Even for our jury we need to play at least one classical piece..why is it so important to learn classical songs?I just hate it!! I hate playing classical pieces!! But still I have to practice it just for my jury exam!! Even for my vocal jury I have to sing a classical song..haiz..Donno what song to sing also..I have never learnt how to sing classical pieces..and now I have to just because of my stupid jury!!Not fair!! WE SHOULD MAKE ALL THE CLASSICAL STUDENTS PLAY CONTEMPORARY MUSIC ALSO!!!agree? All contemporary students will sure agree with me...kekeke...

Well, it's weekend last I can have a break after all my assignments n It will be very relaxing i hope..hehe..By the way, I will be going for a singing audition tomorrow...The studio (mobimusic) called us and asked us to go to their studio to have a look and meet up with the trainer of Astro talent quest..I don't know why they want us to meet her..but anyway..we'll be going la..And they said they will first record our voice and figure out what kind of songs we can sing so that next time we can help 'em up for singing for some demo songs..sounds cool right? I am looking forward to it..Mr Ian Tan (my vocal teacher) reminds me to bring my sweater along..just in case the studio is very cold..then at least I got something to cover myself..because he knows that I'm still sick...He is so him loads...muax..

Okay la...I got nothing to write already..
Here are some photos that we took in our college's recital hall..
sit back and enjoy!!hahaha...

All in pink~

Clockwise>> Dennis, Jeanie, Huey Hsiang(mummy), Michelle, Me, Yirui, Victor...
man in black>> Eddy..


Me n lovely Michelle...

Us again...

spot me..

Me n Mr Dennis..

A natural one..lolx..

Michelle n Dennis..

What're we doing? haha..

Friends forever...

Charlie's angel?

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