Sunday, June 17, 2007

recording videos..

As I have mentioned in my previous post..I went for a recording session last night with Michelle and Dennis also..

Here are some of our videos..=)

Me..singing the song (hui jia) by shun zi.

Michelle singing Qiu Niao

Dennis singing "Chi pang"

And this is ke wang lao shi's son...he's so cute..
acting like a frog..lolx..

photos of the day..

I wear like this that night..(16/6/07)
Kinda weird right?haha..but nvm la...Dennis said nice~
The only thing he doesn't like is the high heels..He said it shows how short he is and memalukan him wor..lolx..
Keep complaining about my high heels..Summore asked me to change..But I never listen..hahaa..

While waiting for Mich's friend to come and fetch n Dennis)

Went to City Harvest Church for service..

Then only went to the recording studio..

Michelle's doing her recordings..

And this is me..haha..

This guy over here named Dennis also..playing with Ke Wang lao shi's son..haha..

Ke Wang lao shi and his son...This man over here is one of the astro talent quest's judge...

After that, Vic came and fetch us to Murni have our so called Dinner..haha..
My Roti Hawaiian >> Delicious..

Vic's Roti Scramble >> very nice too...

Our juice...watermelon special..

and Mango special...

Maggie Goreng double..RM4...very cheap right?haha..

After the meal..We sent Dennis back then me n Vic went for a movie..(Fantastic 4) nice~

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