Monday, June 18, 2007

Shopping alone..

I went shopping alone yesterday>> 17/6/07

It was fun!! But I don't know how to explain why was it so fun..ahaha..
This is the first time I went shopping alone in Giant...lolx...And things that I bought were all food!!hahaha..

Photo session...>>

Me and the things that I bought..

Receipt of the day>>

Total : RM 43.41

Things that I've bought..

I got a free Kit Kat...hehehehe..

Low fat Yogurt..hehehe..



And lastly..CHICKEN!!! This is the first time I buy Raw Chicken!!Everybody looked at me in a different way..Because I was the youngest among them...hahaha..
And you know what? I some more asked the aunty standing beside me which part of the chicken should I buy to boil soup..lolx...The aunty laughed at me er...pai seh~

Group photos...lolx..

I went home and boiled chicken soup..Yummy~ hehehe...


noelez said...

ooi...y ur life look soo fun man?!??! n soo mou liu lar...evrything muz take pic...n so free 2 post soooo many pics...wahahahaha..nway it's fun 2 noe wut's happening in ur life nw...hapy 4 u ler..sooo fun..2 bad i dun go out dat often..nway cant wait 2 go ice-skating wit u..hehe..n d other soh pohz..hehe..nice pics..k gtg study nw..hop 2 c u soon ...muakzz

@ng31a said...

I love to take photos because i wanna save all my memories ma..Each and every photo reminds me a lot of things also faster create a blog la..I wanna know what's happening in ur life too..miss u so much..muax..

along said...

hahaha...wah u nor how to cook chicken sup a?! eii no photo showing de sup de? hehe...wanna how izit looks like o....haha=P

@ng31a said...

Haha...sure sure..I just boiled another pot of chicken soup..I went to giant just now again..lolx..will post up the photo of the soup later when it's patient k? wakakaka...