Sunday, June 3, 2007

Full-filled Saturday~

02 / 06 / 07

Went to McDonald for brunch with Ling X2 and Mei Theng..(my new friend) hehe..She is Ling's friend..And she is gonna be mummy's (Huey Hsiang) vocal teacher in the future..Well, After having our brunch..we followed Mei Theng back to her condo..She's staying at Angkasa Condo also..but not the same block as us la..She's staying at block B..

We spent almost the whole day in her house singing..Because her room got piano..haha...and you know what? She's good in singing!! A very good classical singer!!Haha..people very professional one...Started to teach student already...but you won't believe by looking at her external look..Coz she's just too cute to be a teacher..lolx..

She corrected Ling's singing posture and also taught me how to sing a classical!! We stayed at her place till 8 something at night..Then planned to go for a movie ( Pirates of the Carribean) So we went back to our condo to shower and then went out again..We went to Mid Valley...Mei Theng's house mate followed us there also..

After we bought our tickets for the movie..we went for dinner at Kim Gary..And as usual..PHOTOS FOR the day...>>

Mei Theng solo-ing...

(Kim Gary)
Mei theng and her house mate..

Me n Ling..=)

MEI THENG!!! She looks so cute...Awwww...

Both of them again..

Our (me and ling's) toast...Very thick right?

Me and Ling eat until so disgusting..haha..

See the difference between our toast and Mei Theng's toast..haha..

My soup and Edwin's (Mei Theng's house mate)baked rice..
The soup costed me RM4.90..expensive..So small bowl also need to be so expensive wor..I would rather boil my own soup next time..haha..

Ling ling wearing my dress, necklace and also my belt..haha...

Ling with mama's magazine..

So sweet...=)


Covering our face..lolx..


Stupid pose...>> ahahaha..

Can't stop laughing each and every time I see this picture..lolx..

OMg!! She's so heavy..wakakaka...



Lunch cooked by my beloved Ling X2 again..

New electric items that I brought back from Ipoh..

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