Friday, December 12, 2008

Marie France Bodyline?

I guess most of you out there heard about Marie France before huh? Today I hopped to their website to read about their success story and saw this >>

Bernice Liu~!!!
When I saw this picture, I am like :" Whoa~!! She used to be so fat one ar??"
Anyways, after 2 months using Marie France's professional treatment, She loss 5kg~!!
Click HERE to read the whole article..
And now she is like this >>
Whoa whoa whoa~!!! I wanna be as thin as her ler~!! But, should I really go Marie France?? I heard people outside saying that Marie France very expensive one wor...How ar?? Who wanna sponsor me?? hahahaha....XD And most importantly, does it really works?? If it does...I will think about it lor~!! Like seriously, who doesn't want to be thin??


Jialin said...

Dear.. =.= you very fat meh..

Don't go to the Maria France bodyline.

Super expensive and not effective..

I can lose 8kg in 2 months..
All you need to do is just do more exercise, eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more water.

Oh ya, my bf told me that if you want your hair to grow longer, do eat more protein because extra protein in our body will transfer to our hair and nails..teehee..

Have a nice day!

Don't go to any slimming centre..

Cost a lot of money and not to say very effective..


Let's diet together!!!

Love, Jialin

@ng31a said...

Jialin dear,
Really?? Not effective ga?? I know...Actually I know no need to go those slimming centre one...just do more exercise, eat more fruits and vege...But the thing is...I can't stop myself from eating...I just LOVE eating you know? Haiz....I can't stop my self from eating Mc D, KFC, etc you know?

But anyways, thanks for ur advise~!! I will try to do it your way....Although it will be very suffering...but I will try my best k?? hehehe...MUAX!!! I am going to start my diet plan from today onwards!!! Yay!!!

And, help me to thank Ryan for his grow hair method!! hahahaha...really....=) MUAX!!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

haha!! yealoh, ur fren said de correct...ure not fat wad..ur body dy so accurate...dn nid to go de...=)

@ng31a said...

I am really fat la...just that u cannot see only...Hahaha...I hide all the fats!! xD

Jialin said...


McD, Kfc!

Hahaha..if you really cannot tahan..
You try to order the less calories food lah..

Like order apple pie/banana pie/sundae cone in McD..

Whipped Potato/coleslaw/cheesy wedges in KFC

But remember that you only can order one item!!!

Or..share share with other people lor..haha..share the fats together.

@ng31a said...

hahaha....I thought eat whipped potato also very fat one? Hahahaha...ok la..I will try my best k? Cannot force one la....hahahaha....If really cannot tahan, then I will give up!! hahahhahahaha...XD

daydreaminggurl said...

lala.. no need go wan la.. hahahahaa.. born baby ad onli go la.. dun have also.. or you pregnant ad la?? must aim which center to go?? haaaa.. bte i'm back!!!!! heehee.

@ng31a said...

Pregnant your head la~!! I wanna go now!! why must after I give birth to a baby leh?? And, welcome back my dear~!!

daydreaminggurl said...

hahaha.. caz pregnant ad born baby alot lines and all ma.. easier if got ppl to do for us... caz i so lazy wan... jian fei then no need la.. can jien fei ourselves also la as long as we are determine to do so.. hehehee..

@ng31a said...

But the thing is I am not determined ma....XD

daydreaminggurl said...

then short cut wont help also kua i guess.. ahahaa.. you go la.. slim ad then tell me la.. or or.. jan.. we exercise together more.. k k??? hahaha..

@ng31a said...

Okay!!! exercise!! I am coming!!! Hahahahaha.....XD