Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 X'mas wish list~^^

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Hmm...My christmas wish list?? I got a lot!! but I don't think I am gonna list everything out la...just a few will do ok? XD

1, My dream pinky LG phone - KF350

Just saw this phone few weeks ago and I have already felt in love with it~ Like SERIOUSLY!!
I haven't check its function yet. But such a lovely pinky phone should be alright huh? XD
2, A pink MacBook Pro!!

Owning a pinky MacBook Pro is always my dream!! XD
3, Other than Angel, I still hope to have another teacup poodle!! This time I want a teacup size one!! XD

very cute right?? hehehe...XD
4, Besides that, I want a teacup maltese too!! hahahaha...XD

That's all for now I guess....will post up more when I thought about something else..



daydreaminggurl said...

eh. tat ice cream series phones.. hahaa.. but lg phone nice to use ka??? i always wanted teacup poodle also lo.. haha. so small so cute!!! but my sister say me woh.. say later the dog duno go where.. stuck ad then die inside.. ish..

Anonymous said...

lol all pink stuffs! go dye the puppies pink too! =P

@ng31a said...

hahaha..won't la...I think they'll grow up quite big also lo...I mean..at least baby angel's size la..right?? Then should be super cute lo!! hahaha...summore easy to manage!! XD

yea...the ice cream series phone!!! Nice hor?? I want it so badly lo!! n I am gonna sell my Nokia 7390!!! Wakakakakakaka....XD

I remembered I told ya before...no way to dye my puppy in PINK!! No Way!!! XD

JeromeFo said...

your wish list always is handphone....><

@ting said...

lol...2 pinky things in ur wishlist..XD

oLive said...

woah! hope u can get what u want ah! Happy birthday & merry X'mas my dear!

vialentino said...

wah...ur wishlist banyak mahal lah.....how can santa claus afford to buy u these ler...hehehe

daydreaminggurl said...

baby angel size still small small lo.. i like.. hahaha.. then their shit also small small.. jahahaha... wa. but nice to use anot woh lg phone... so fast wanna sell away your nokia ad.. just bought not long ago onli leh.. hahaa.. how much you wanna sell ah?? hahahha.. i wan a 2nd phone leh.. so you msg me next time also cheaper ad lo.. ahhaha..

@ng31a said...

Hahaha...I love pinky handphones ma~!! Cannot meh??

yea, Pink is always my favourite color!! Used to be green....but now pink has taken over!! XD

I don't want wishes in advance le...I want u to wish me again on that particular day~!! XD

@ng31a said...

Hmmm.....this is the major wish list ma...got cheap cheap one also geh...I will tell santa about that when I get to see him!! XD

Ya lor...I miss baby Angel lo...now huge like a tiger only!! lolx...That's why I said I want a teacup size poodle lo...even toy poodle also big!! haiz....*

Err....the lg phone I also donno good or not ler...But I think should be ok gua?? hahaha....can call can edi la..and sure got mp3 ma...so fine lo..hahahaha....but I hope the camera is in good quality also la...so that I can camwhore more ma...XD

The nokia ar?? I wish to sell it at Rm450. You said can or not?? Summore got bling bling...donno who wants it lo...XD

vialentino said...

hahaha....i think santa will give u candy will do liow for ur xmas gift.

r u a christian?

@ng31a said...

Yes I am dear~^^ Why??

Jialin said...

Aiyo..I thought I can get any hint about your birthday present here..but all too expensive for me to afford already..


Barbie said...

Wah princess! Barbie also loved all the stuffs you listed here ^ ^ so pinky and so cute neh! :D

I love the white poodle with pink bow! so adorable heh heh, but you think Angel is gonna be ok with that if you really get another puppy? :P hah hah... hope the 2 girls won't be fighting heh heh...

OH yeah, it could be Christmas and Birthday wish list :P Miracle would happen, who knows? perhaps my princess went to bed and got up in the morning with all the stuffs of your dream on the table Keke XD

@ng31a said...

Jialin dear,
Whatever you give I will be happy you know?? It's like I love u because who u are....not because of what I want you to be~!! ok?? So I will like whatever you give!! Muax!!

Love u dear....=)

Barbie dear,
I don't think this will happen la...It's really too expensive already...I also won't expect anyone to buy me this...I just wanna list it out only...hehehe....XD

Btw, the white maltese is really very cute~ I saw it in a lot of taiwan series...very good girl one...XD Hmm....Will Angel be jealous? I also donno wor...haven't try before..XD

daydreaminggurl said...

hahaa... like tiger woh.. fierce like tiger or wat??? ahahaa.. duno she still remeber us anot.. later come bite me lo.. then i fight with angel how?? hahahaha... poh. 450.. i duno oh.. i duno bout the price woh... but i wont buy la.. i no money!!!! broke.. but i want another phone also.. hahahaa..

@ng31a said...

size like tiger la`!! hahahaha....Angel won't be fierce one la..she scared people one...when got people come she go hide!! Hahahaha....hide under the bed one lo....sot one!! hahahaha...before she hide she will bark first one...XD

U donno arr?? nvm la...decide later la....after I got the ice cream phone only I sell nokia...I hope still got people wants that phone la..=)

Svetlena said...

Love the pinky laptop :P

@ng31a said...

Princess Lena~!!
I love it too~ But too bad, Malaysia don't have a pink Macbook yet..=(