Friday, December 12, 2008

Genting trip (day 1)

Reached Genting about 2 something in the afternoon. Once we've checked in out luggage and all, Victor's grandmother said she's hungry so we went for lunch together at 铜锣湾- tong loh wan.

Since me and Victor was not that hungry so we just ordered two main dishes and share it out~^^

We ordered,

黄金炒饭-wong gam cao fan..
This is a MUST EAT in 铜锣湾!! Super delicious!! OMG my saliva is dripping already...

麻婆豆腐-Ma Poh Dao Fu..
I still prefer Wong gam cao fan although this is what I ordered. XD

After finishing the two main dishes, Victor's grandmother ordered this>>

Yummy~!! I love this too~!! hehehehehe....

Victor's ginger coke...=.=''
First time trying this~!! the taste quite special lo...

So, after our meal, Vic's grandmother went back to the casino and me and Vic started shopping~!! actually I am the only one buying things.. XD

yahuuu!! I LOVE shopping!!

picture taken in the fitting room.
Love this dress but it's kinda!!

When I was busy shopping, Vic sat down at a corner and started taking pictures..=.="
Here is a random picture that was taken by him.
I thought it was quite nice lo...what do you think?? =)

We shopped till 8 something...geng hor??
Our legs are super tired so we decided to go back to our room.
Victor bought me an Ice-cream before we go back. so sweet~ hehehee...

Camwhore with my ice-cream potong....XD


Camwhore with Victor's D40..
I know this is over exposed but I just love how it looks like~!!

This one here too~^^


And finally, it's time for me to show you what I bought that day...


They are all MINE!! Yes~ MINE!!! Wakakakakaka....

Ring and bracelet bought from Voir.

Necklace from Voir too~

Finally I got a toe ring already leh!! hehehe...

A hat!! lurve it~ =)

And lastly....

A picture of myself~!!
Eh?? Why My hair so long already ar?? How come can tie up till so high one?? Hmmm...

It's all because of THIS!!
A wig~!!
All you need to do is just tie it up to your own hair then it will looks like it's your real hair~!! Cool huh? hehehehe....XD

If it's not that thought Victor can be so pretty and cute meh??

Let me show you my little secret~

my hair is still short la...Just pin the hair up to take pictures only...XD

Ok, that's about it...toodles~^^


Jialin said...



But very nice lor..


I get to read the Genting post..

So so happy and excited wei..haha.. cute of you lah..showing us how you pin your hair up..

It's okay will grow very fast..

My friend used to ask me to keep washing hair in a day and try to pull your hair but not so hard and your hair will grow faster..

Anyway, don't ever try it, because it will only make your hair drop faster..

Have a happy day, k?

Love, Jialin.

@ng31a said...

Dear~!! I just updated my blog only then received your comment liao~!! So happy leh!! hehehe...How you know I have updated my blog?? Hahahaha....

yea's a wig!! I bought it coz I think I will need it next time lo..hehe...not now la of coz....LOL!! You never thought that it's actually a wig hor?? ahahahahaha.....

I really hope my hair will grow long faster lo...I miss my long SERIOUS..I actually heard someone saying the same thing...asking me to pull my hair and massage my hair everyday...And I really do what she told lo~!! haahahaha...but I don't think it works la...till now my hair is still so short!! Haiz..........

Anyways, my genting trip got part 2 must be the first to leave comment for that post too ok? hehehehe...MUAX!!

Jialin said...

I never thought of that before, really..haha..but really very cute lor..

I will try my best to be the first one for your genting part 2..haha..

To all the reader,

Hey! you guys cannot leave any comment before me when angela post up her genting part 2, k?



Love, Jialin..muax!

victor said...

dear, rubbing your head really will make your hair grow faster...that was what my science teacher told me back in high school...but dont rub your stomach la cause your stomach will just gets bigger especially after you eat =S

@ng31a said...

Jialin dear,
you're so cute lar!! hahahaha...Btw, you said:" Hey! you GUYS cannot leave any comment before me when angela post up her genting part 2, k?" Meaning guys cannot leave but girls can la?? hahahahaha....XD jkjk...

Love u too my dear~^^

I got rub la!! How come still the same one??

victor said...

it is just that you are not used to your hair lo...from so long to so can you still realize if it has grown longer?

@ting said...

lol...a wig..nvr thought of that..and definitely make victor cute..XD

@ng31a said...

maybe lo...But!!

It still cannot cover my mole leh!! hahahahahahaha.....XD

Yea!! It's the wig that make him cute!!! If not.....*puke* hahahaha....XD

vialentino said...

wong gam cao fan.....walau...really wong gam any branch at KL or PJ a not? ...takkan need to go genting and makan.

@ng31a said...

Hey~!! Actually got one lor...but I am not sure where is there place...Maybe Victor will know....XD

BUt I tell u ar~!! The Wong gam cao fan super nice~!! Inside got a lot of prawns one lor!!! hehehe...XD

@ SmalL G!RL said...

wuuu, i oso wan to shop!!

@ng31a said...

Go shopping la!! Shopping is like our blood lo....OMG!! hahahaha....I can't just stop shopping you know?? XD

victor said...

yaloh, only she shop....keep saying is my turn to shop, while walking to the destination that i want to go then she saw something nice and ended up in the shop for almost an hour :(

@ng31a said...

sorry lo...Next time I accompany you go shop again lo~!! But you urself said you got nothing to shop one wor~!!! Now blame me!! =(

Jialin said... cute lah..but then right..guys really like have nothing to shop about, unless they really desperate on the thing that they wanna shop..

@ng31a said...

Ya lor...that's why Victor got nothing to shop....coz the only thing he likes are Cameras!! And I cannot afford a to shop lo!! hahahahaa....XD

Mei-Wah said...


first: congratulations on you for being chosen as MDG's official blog contributors! psst, how did you apply for it? :) do let me know ya~

secondly: angie... i missed you in long hair... i think you look gorgeous in long hair~