Friday, December 5, 2008

I HEART Genting..

Hurray~!! I will be going to Genting tomorrow with Victor...First time going with him alone...hehehe.....I am so excited now!! Can't wait to go up with him tomorrow....I felt like going up tonight!! hahahaha....XD

Actually I go Genting quite often but I am not sick of going up lor...why ar?? Maybe because I love to travel?? Hmmm...Or maybe I love the cold weather over there?? I don't know.....I just love Genting!! hehehe....Even my parents also asked :" Always go Genting for what oh? You not sien one meh??!!" hmm.....Seriously I don't feel Sien at all lor...Why ar??? Don't ask me lah~!! I don't know either!! =.="

I will be coming back to KL on the 8th and straight away travel back to Ipoh....But don't worry...I will be bringing my laptop along to Genting...So I will surely pay a visit to starbucks and blog whenever I am free ok? hehehe....XD

By the way, my poll is closed today. Thanks for all who voted for me.

Quite happy with it la...At least the highest percentage is still INTERESTING~!! XD

P/S: Thanks to those who voted my blog as boring and bitchy too~ You guys are the one who made my blog more interesting...hahaha...At least that is what I thought...XD

I've posted up another poll...continue voting for it k? Love all of you!! Muackssss....


Jialin said...

Hey, my dear..

I guess you are on the way to genting right now..heh..

Enjoy your trip with your loved one, k?

Don't forget to take lots of picture for us to see later..heh..

Have a happy holiday!


@ng31a said...

I'm going now~!! Hehehe.....

surely will take loads and loads of pics la...But not really in mood lo....All because of my HAIR!!!!

Jialin said...

I guess you already reach Genting..

OMG! I seriously cannot wait for my exam over so that I can go for holiday like you too..

Hair will grow, so don't worry k?

You can still go for hair extension, right?

Happy Honeymoon with your love ya..

Lots of love, Jialin..

Barbie said...

My princess going to Genting with Victor? Wah... so sweet ^ ^ Have a good time there, alrite? and come back with lovely pictures!

No worry about your hair, Princess! It will grow longer again, trust me ^ ^ *hug*

@ng31a said...

Jialin dear~!!
Yes!! I am in Genting now....But too bad...coz tomorrow going back alr...=(

Now cannot use hair extensions le...coz my back hair is too short to put on those extensions...=(

@ng31a said...

Princess Barbie!!
I am so glad that you're here again!! hehehe..MUAX!!

By the way, I didn't really take much pictures here due to my ugly hair...*sigh* But don't worry...there will still be pictures uploaded!! hehehehe.....XD