Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl (season 2)

Do you guys know that Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 is coming soon?? IT IS!! And you know what? I am chosen as one of their official blog contributors~!! Which means I will be blogging about Malaysian Dreamgirl for the rest of my life for their upcoming events and whatsoever.....

And I will receive:
  • Invitation to the audition and ground events of Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2
  • Invitation to the production set to watch the shooting and interview the contestants
  • A direct link to my personal blogs from Malaysian Dreamgirl’s blogroll
  • Goodies bags for each blogger worth RM500 courtesy of Escada fragrances, Beautilicious cosmetics and many more.
Everybody say : "WHOAAAA!!!"

Me: ehem...thank you!! hahahaha...(sorry for being too perasan~XD)

Okok, enough for that~!! Let's talk about the audition dates...

Walk-in audition locations:

PENANGBayview Hotel
Date 13 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Bayview Hotel, Georgetown

IPOHImpiana Casuarina
Date 14 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Impiana Casuarina Hotel

Date 20 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Hotel Selesa

KUALA LUMPURImpiana KLCC Hotel & Spa
Date 10 Jan 09
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa

First 25 girls to audition at each location also get a goodie bag worth RM100 leh~!! So if you're joining, MUST reach there by 5am k? Hahahahahaha.....What wor? Go earlier so that you might be the first 25 girls and will get a goodie bag worth Rm100 ma!! Right?? XD

quoted from nuffnang:

"If you’re keen to participate, walk into the audition of Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 starting this very weekend at Penang and Ipoh! Show your qualities off to the ever honest judges, Elaine Daly, Jimmy Lim, Andrew Tan from Andrewsmodel and Julie Wong from Beautilicious.

A Chevrolet Aveo Lux 1.4(A), RM10,000 cash, a HP Pavilion Notebook, a spread in InTrend magazine, an exclusive Andrewsmodels’ portfolio and lots more await the new Malaysian Dreamgirl."

Click here to view Malaysia Dreamgirl official site.


Jialin said...

OMG, My darling..

At first I thought you are going to join MDR2 leh..make me so excited about it..

anyway, You so geng lah..
Got chosen as one of their official blog contributor..teehee..

I'm so proud of you..hugs..


I am now not so happy leh..

Because you haven blog about your genting trip and tell us what happen to your bf's hair..


I wait till my neck become longer and longer ar..


Have a nice day ya my love..

@ng31a said...'re so cute la my dear....I will blog about it soon...I'm just too lazy to resize and edit those pictures ma...sorry lo...will surely make it quick k?? MUAX!!!

About the MDR2, I was kinda shocked too~ They called me today and asked if I'm interested. And I also received a mail saying congratulations~!! You're chosen to be our officially blog contributor!! Hahahaa....I am so happy lo....Coz this is my first time involving in this kind of thing....XD

Wish me luck k? Muax~!! Love u dear....=)

daydreaminggurl said...

hoiyoh.. someone famous ad lo... i stay with the famous blogger ok!!!! hahahahhaa.. syiok sendiri saja... crazy ad la me.. so nice la.. hahhaa.. share share wth me the goodie bag ah.. i dun care!!! weeee.. hehehe..

@ng31a said... this call famous ar?? Sot blak la you~!! hahahaha....XD this is my first time doing such thing lo...very excited!!! hehehehe....MUAX!!

daydreaminggurl said...

aiya. caz famous and got aot of ppl read your blog onli got ppl ask you to write bout it lo.. so after the dreamgirl thing.. you'll be famous ad lo.. and you better share tat goodie bag i dun care!!! i dun care!!! if not you buy me aot alot alot presents 1st.. hehehhee... so bad la me...

@ng31a said...

Hahahaha...share goodie bag with u ar?? Can can....if those I don't like one I give u k? hahahahahaha....and u go cruise also must buy me loads and loads of presents!!! ngek ngek ngek!!! XD you bad I also bad lar....Hahahahhahaha....Wakakakakakaka.....XD

oLive said...

woah.. ur blog is chosen as official blog? congratulation.. how to be official blog one ah?

@ng31a said...

Olive dear, how ar?? Just send them mail and also send ur blog link to them's just that easy!!~^^

@ng31a said...

But now it's over already...coz they've alr found 10 of them~^^

独侠令狐冲 said...

Are you going to take part?

vialentino said...

wow dear...congrats to u...if got passes to see leng lui, give me one ok! hehehe

daydreaminggurl said...

eeyer.. dun like onli give me... so bad la like tat.. then i see ugly stuff onli buy for you lo.. heh!!!!! dun wan fren you.. hahahahaa... but inside the cruise nothing to buy wan woh.. when i get down to langkawi and spore i see got wat to buy lo..

Anonymous said...

wahhh you chosen ar!!

congrats!! i wanted to sign up too, but i dont think i cant dedicate so much..moreover next year is my degree final year..haha..

all the best!! =)

YinYin said...

wowowow..angela so lucky man!!!!!!!!
oh ..that is a good chance u know ^^,why don't u join it too?u look so sweet ^^

YinYin said...

oh..that is awesome man!!!! is really...i wanna go and kepo friend is joining ^^ hahahaha...angela rmb to vote for her ya ...hahahaha

@ng31a said...

Of coz not!! I am too fat to be qualified! hahahahaha...>XD

Hahahaha...sure sure..If got sure give u la....XD

coz u treated me bad so I treated u bad also lo...same same...ahahahaha...I am just kidding need to buy things for me for ur own enough d...MUAX~!! I know you got heart then can edi!!! ~^^

@ng31a said...

It won't last forever ge ma...should actually try lo~!! You can put this into ur resume one you know? ~^^

Me?? As U have just said to Jero, I'm too fat to be qualified're the one that should join lo~!! like SERIOUSLY!! U go join then I vote for u lo ok?? hehehehehe~^^ MUAX!!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

gambateh oh!!!

@ng31a said...

Thank you meimei~^^

victor said...


you go join malaysian dream girls la...since your nickname also got dreamgirl...haha, go join!

victor said...


you go join malaysian dream girls la...since your nickname also got dreamgirl...haha, go join!

@ng31a said...

ya lo...yirui and mummy should join lo..hahahaha...XD

YinYin said...

huh??who say u fat?i kill him ... friend is joining ..i wanna vote for her ^^

@ng31a said...

No need people say la..I know myself!! hahaha...BB you join la...I'm serious u're so pretty~!! sure can be one of the winner~!!! by then I will surely vote for u k?? hehehe...join together with ur friend la....muax~^^