Thursday, December 4, 2008


It's already 2.30am here but I am still eyes are still open and I don't feel like sleeping at all~!!!
What should I do??? Arghhhh!!!!
I'm still awake!! Viewed my friendster profile and leaved some testimonials to my old buddies...miss them a lot!!
am still awake......but luckily jialin is there to give me an accompany~!! u girl!!
Anyways, good luck for ur upcoming exams~!!! Get straight As ya? hehehehehe....Muax!!
Just edited my blog...added some blings and pictures on the right hand side of my blog...=)
Ok, I am tired now...nitez...err......or morning?? I'm confused...=.="
Jialin, I'm going to sleep now ler...u study smart and score well k? All the best in ur exams~!!! add oil!!


Jialin said...

haha..same here..

I think your new pink layout is nicer because I personally don't really like black colour..

black is like so dark..not so happy colour..

The new layout is definitely very nice..thumbs up!

By the way, when is your birthday since you are the december baby..teehee..

Try to do some reading or watch some funny video clips if you can't sleep..heh..I did that all the time..

Hope you got a sweet dream later..
and also...sleep tight..heh

Have a nice day!

@ng31a said...

Dear...I am still awake ler...sigh* I will try to sleep now...hope you're asleep already...hahaha....

Nitez and love ya....MUAX!!

@ng31a said...

Oh birthday is on the 21st of Dec...=) Why?? You wanna give me presents ar?? I don't mind one ar...hahaha.....XD

Jialin said...

Heh..I'm still awake..

I'm having exam later..doing some last minute revision...kononya..

Hope you are sleeping now..heh..

O..near Christmas..heh..curious ma.. to pass the present to you if I got a present?

Mail it to you?

We should have a gathering around christmas.. =)

@ng31a said...

I am so glad that u're here to give me an accompany~!! hehehe....I felt much better when there's someone there to accompany me when I'm having insomnia...See how selfish I am?? haahhahaha....

yea...near christmas....that's why I love christmas a lot!! hehehe....

ya la...mail it to me la!! I would be very happy if u really do!! hahaha...

Cannot ler...I'll be going back to Ipoh on the 8th of dec...which is ur anniversary...hahaha....will be celebrating christmas at Ipoh....=(

By the way, you study smart k? Muax!!

@ng31a said...

Dear, read this post again...I've written something for you....=)

Jialin said...


You are so sweet!

I got you!
Why haven sleep???
Aiyor..later panda eyes, how?

Heh..I always accompany my friend when they cannot sleep, so it's okay..

Nice chatting with you as well..

The way we chat is so special..haha..

Chat here and cute!

You send me your address..heh..then I mail it to you..

My email address is

Can't wait to finish my exam so that I ca go shopping and more..

Sales everywhere now!!! haha..

YOU better sleep now! you!

@ng31a said...

yea...sales are everywhere now~!! I wish to go shopping with u too!! Maybe we can plan a shopping trip next time..hahahaha...

Btw, dear u serious ar?? U will seriously send me a birthday pressie?? Hahahahaha....I am so happy ler!!! Muax!!! hehehehe...

Btw, ur exams till when?? what exam is it?? STPM??

Jialin said...

Yes, I'm serious..

Actually, I love to buy present for people..haha..

That feeling is just great because I love to see happiness around me..heh

My exam is on 4th and 8th of December..

Final exam for cat/acca Candidates


Jialin said...

I just found out one thing about your blog..

How come your nuffnang advertisement is like so bottom ar?

You should put them up so that they are more obvious to people and also easier to click..heh

@ng31a said...

Hahahaha....okok...I am already waiting for ur present!! excited lor!! hahahaha....=)

ur exams till 8th of dec? by that time I've already back to Ipoh ler...=(

oh...about the nuffnang ads..I also donno first I put it on top of my header one..but donno why now it goes all the way down by itself....hmm......I donno what to do also ler...=.="

Jialin said...

you email me your address k?

for the ads, you need to play around with the html..

eh, is all your pictures taken by your bf?

So nice lah..

What is he doing about?

@ng31a said...

I've emailed u my add...go check bah~^^

play around with the htlm?? I donno how ler...hahaha....'s all taken by him...but nah~ he's studying business is just his interest...=)

He must be very happy if he saw ur comment..hahaha....

JeromeFo said...

walaueh...what a morning chat!

@ng31a said... wanna join us??? lolx...

Jialin said...

ya, I got it already.

So good..I wish my bf like that that I no need to camphore everytime I want to take pictures..

went through his blog just now..
Seriously I thought he is a photographer..

all the pictures are really yeng and clear..

what camera is he using? dslr?

@ng31a said...

yea...he's using Nikon...=)

He's not a professional la....still learning...but now doing free lans photographer lor...hehehehe... love to camwhore too?? we shall camwhore together next time!! hahahahaha....XD

@ting said...

lolz...what an early morning chat...

Jialin said...

I see..
Ya, sometimes..I love to camphore..haha..and yes! we can camphore together next time!!

Hee..thanks for your wishes..
I will do my best!

Have a nice day, k? me dear..

Love ya!

@ng31a said...

ting... time u can join ok? lolx..

@ng31a said...

I think you're now in the exam hall already?? Do ur best k? muax!!

Barbie said...

WOW! WOW!!! *mouth opened* You and Jialin got a really cute chat here hah hah, and how come you two stayed up that late? Insomnia or is that becuz my princess took a really long naps until u find it hard to put urself to sleep?

hah hah... I wish I could join the sweet talk with both of you ^ ^ heh heh... and if you notice I'm a one nightly owl too ^ ^ but I could be dead snory whenever I feel like I want too heh heh (^____^) Wah... I'm coming on my princess's blog almost everyday now!

BTW, I miss you today, and yeah, as always ^ ^ and I just happened to see your msg on my tagboard lol... I didn't know you left me the msg until now... cuz I don't check up on my blog quite often as I used to, been busy you know, but now things are getting better. I have some more time for myself ^ ^ Yippiee :D hmm... thinking to post something up when I am in the mood to do it. My blog is dead obsolete now hah hah...

Ok, enough ranting... and yeah, I don't mind if you come over and say, Barbie! Seriously I don't really get what you're trying to say here heheh... cuz I feel like I talk about this and that lol... so silly duh!

Love you, Princess! *hug*

@ng31a said...

Hahahaha...dear barbie...U're too excited is it?? Why send me such a long comment?? Hahahhahahaha...Anyways, I am happy that u got the time to spam my comment box!! heheehhehe...

Yea...u should join us one day...It was fun chatting late at night...why huh??? Because we are all night owl??? lolx....

I used to chat with u late at night last time too right?? If I am not mistaken, it's with WendyBB....right?? I miss those days ler.....MUAX!!