Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first ever MAC product !!!

No. Not MacBook.

Yesterday after my Hamm class, I followed Dennis car back. Yea, actually we're just planning to go back to our condo. But suddenly Dennis asked,: "So, Where are we going?"

And our conversation went on like that,

Me:" Go home lah. If not? Go Mid Valley ar??"
nis:" Oh, ok la!! I wanna buy Jeans!! But not so expensive one lah~ Rm100++ ok edy."
Me:" Waaaaa!! Rm100++ still said not expensive arr??? =.="
nis:" Oh, Hahahahaha......"

And we remain laughing......

I cannot tahan la....everytime I go out with him sure laugh till stomache one!! Is it a good thing?? I don't know. XD

Our conversation continued after laughing for almost 10 minutes!! LOL!!

Me:" So are we like so serious about the Mid Valley plan??
Nis:" Huh?? I don't know!! You wanna go or not?"
Me:" I anything lah. Go only la."
Nis:" Serious ar?"
Me:" Ya la, since I got nothing to do also."
Nis:" Ok lah~!! Or you wanna go 1utama?"
Me:" Can also!! Can go visit my new house in Bandar Utama also!!"
Nis:" Oh, ya loh!! I wanna visit your new house!!"
Me:" Then I call my mother now tell her that we're going ok?"
Nis:" Err, cannot la. Later when we wanna come back sure very jam one."
Me:" =.=" So?"
Nis:" Hahahahahaha.....we go Mid Valley first la!! Next time only visit your new house!"
Me:" Ok la..Let's go!!"

Our plan is like so sudden lo!! Hahahaha....

Anyways, Dennis managed to buy his Jeans from Quicksilver. And I managed to get myself a new compact powder from MAC!!! This is my first time buying MAC product and I am very happy with it!! Like seriously~!! I hope it will be more coming. XD

Pictures of my MAC compact powder..>>

Cool huh? =)

This whole thing cost me Rm160!!!

I thought it was kinda expensive but if this brand is really like so good then I think it is worth it loh~ Coz as what Huey Hsiang said, cosmetic is what you use to put on your face so better buy those good quality ones lah~^^

And today, me and Victor went to Lowyat to buy an external hard disk for myself because my laptop has insufficient space. And so, a pink one of coz~!! XD

It's 320gb ~!! It costs me Rm265!!

I also bought a pouch for my lovely hard disk which is also PINK!! hahahaha....XD

Nice hor?? I am so happy right now but sad at the same time. Why sad? Coz I am broke !!


daydreaminggurl said...

wa.. buy aloy of stuff hoh.. hahaha.. buy me also ma.. heheee.. seldom see you at home ad lo now... =(

@ng31a said...

I am seriously broke right now. T.T still want me to buy you things?? You are the one that should buy me things said I still got other birthday presents one!!! XD

Seng Hoo said...

sorry! HAHA.
and yeah, I was shocked - though. don't us musician need computer music of garageband in mac? hmmmm.
and I like your hard disk, pink cover!

@ng31a said...

Yea. I am planning to buy a MacBook too since there is this promotion going on for MacBook now. But still considering la. XD

But definately will buy already!! Hahahahaha....So you will maybe see my next post of Mac but this time is a MacBook!! Hahahahaha....XD

And yea, PINK rocks!!! XD

Patsy said...

Aww.. mine I got last summer. It was only 140gb.. *cries* That 320gb is love.

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


i bought some new stuffs too darling!

gonna update about it later!!

owh yeah!! Angela darling is pinky!!



I love your new MAC!

I want to buy Shiseido~hahaha!

damn expensieve that one..cannot get yet~

@ng31a said...

Hahahaha...140gb is more than enough also la...But I tell you hor, now they got 1000gb already!! And the price is decreasing~!! Aim for that la!!! XD

Zara dear,
Shiseido?? Why shiseido?? I heard my friend saying that Mac and Bobbi brown is the BEST!!! Hahahahaha....XD

Happy Angel said...

at 1st when i see ur post's title..i thought u bought urself a MACbook or something...maybe a present from ur dad..mana tahu its cosmetics wor...hen you aaa u...hahaha...i also bought an external hard disc..but its black de...ask my bro to find pink for me he said dun hav...ish ish...but nvm la..i like mine too..ahah...

same like u..i'm damn broke la...didnt even buy cny clothes ad broke...aihz...very sad lo...=(

@ng31a said...

hey! Got pink la..u should ask me first ma..haha..btw, how much is urs? And u buy how many gb one? And I tell u hot..I'm asking my dad to buy me a MacBook since I need it to do my recording work! so excited now!!

Patsy said...

its sad when you buy something thats already the best, the next day, it comes very cheap.. *sigh*

technology can sometimes be a bother. haha

jerine said...

aiya...why didn't you get the MAC purple powder case? it's so much cuter, i tell you... with diamantes and masquerade theme on top somemore.

Mei-Wah said...

your WD hard disk is cute!!!
pink summore~

@ng31a said...

Yea, you're right also. But it's an advantage for those who bought when it's cheap also right?? Hahahahaha.....XD

Huh?? Got meh?? The lady straight away give me this black case wor...She didn't even tell me that there's this purple casing. Are you sure it's for the powder??

Yea!! Pink rulez!!!! XD

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Cz Shiseido is from Japan!

(unreasonable things me)..


Jerine said...

yes, they have it. it's limited edition. u can check out their website. it's by dame edna collection. here>>>

super cool, can?

@ng31a said...

Hahahahaa.....I see...rupanya my dear love japan's stuff!! hahaha...XD

limited edition?? So the price will be the same or what?? But that girl didn't introduce me to that purple casing la!!! =(

Jialin said...

Don't worry, dear..

Chinese New Year is coming!!

Ang pau Ang pau!!!



@ng31a said...

Hahahahaha...yea!! Looking forward to Chinese New year lo!!! XD