Friday, January 9, 2009

Header designing competition


I am sick of seeing the ugly header of mine up there. Like seriously okay? I once thought it was nice but now I feel like vomiting every time I see that picture of mine!! (okay, I know I'm exaggerating but STILL!! XD ) My smile looks so FAKE and err......I donno...JUST UGLY!!

So, I am setting up a competition. Design me a nice and pinky header and WIN a mysterious gift !! Anyone? XD

Send me an email at saying that you are interested in joining this competition and I will send you my pictures through mail. Okay?

Due date: 09-02-2009

And yea, I am planning to buy a new phone and so I am going to sell my Nokia 7390 out, anyone interested? Email me if you are interested. Cheers~^^


victor said...

i will try to design for you...but long time never touch photoshop see how..hehe

@ng31a said...

you said GAH!!!

YinYin said...

wow..i hope i can design for u too..but was kinda busy this few days.coz college reopening next monday ....
can give me ur pics?

Jialin said...

I don't have photoshop but only photscape..LOL

Sorry that I can't help you to edit pictures..

Anyway, hope you can get a nice header as soon as possible!! ya!

Have a nice day, sweet heart!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

I'll try my best too darling...

Ahh..u want to sell it?

It's so kawaii!!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

wahhH!! hw can say like dat de? it's like a model pic u noe?
tho i dno bout these kind of designs,i will wish u hpy hunting for the header pic u desire. gambatte :)

cant wait to c heeeheee

@ng31a said...

Princess BB~
Thought you said you're not free to design for me?? Still want my pics for what??

It's alright. Love you~^^

Zara dearie~
You will try to design one for me?? THank you!!! MUAX!!

But my smile so FAKE lo!! =.="

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

will making you a design if i am free..... =)

@ng31a said...

Thank you Choyyin!!!! Muax!