Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deangelogy is back in action

Sorry readers...I know my blog is so dead!! But don't worry...Deangelogy aka Angela is back in action!!! LOL!!

And for your information, I am not really into anything recently. It's just the lazy me!! I am too lazy to blog and especially to resize all the pictures and post it up here~!! But I know all of you would like to see more pictures up here and that is why I rather not blog than to blog but nobody is gonna read what I have written here!! Right?? For example crazywrazy, He told me before that he just love to see pictures and not read what I have written!! So sad right??

So, why should I write anything in my blog since nobody is gonna read what I have written?? Or maybe I should just stop blogging?? Maybe I should. Hmmm.......

So now, tell me what do you think. Are you not gonna read my blog anymore if I am not going to post anymore pictures up here? Or you will still support my blog even if it's just a blog full of WORDS only?

Comments are open to all of you~

Oh ya, you can also email me at to tell me what you think.

Till then and toddles~^^


Jialin said...

Yay!!! Finally, you blog!!

I wait until my neck get longer and longer each day, you know? hahaha..

Well, I enjoy reading your blog.
No matter you just post lots of word or picture!!


This is your blog, k?
Just blog whatever thing that you feel like want to..teehee..

Be yourself.

Don't blog if you don't feel like to because this is your blog. Nobody force you k?

Have a very nice and happy day, k?

You can blog once a month or even more but don't ever stop blogging, k?


Jialin said...

p.s: I read every single words that you type, k?

You can just type as many words as you want because I love to read.


Jialin said...

and Ang gugu!!

Don't be sad and emo, k?

smile smile smile!!!
laugh laugh laugh!!!

Hugs!!! Love!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


My dear darling is back!!

I'm happy!!


I miss my darling so much lor...

wanna cry~


@ SmalL G!RL said...

if a blog is oni full of pics without words, it's boring too..

it's best to have a balance fill rte? it's up to the blogger..;

i will love to read n c anything that is posted by Angie :)

MeToy said...

hey hey. just blog wat u want ler. its hard to please EVERYONE rite. and u know wat, its YOUR blog. so do anything u want. why care bout other ppl? see my blog? all words lol. n i dont care if anyone reads my blog. cause i blog so that i'll remember whatever happens. its like an online diary =) ohwell dont stop blogging girl ;0)

Mei-Wah said...

hey angie!

hey, don't ever think that everyone don't read what you wrote~ i read each and every words you wrote in your blog. ofcourse with the pictures you uploaded - it will be a bonus, but nevertheless your words will be a priority! :) do not let negative words bring you down.

mei wah

Seng Hoo said...

crazywrazy once told me he doesn't read my blog, simply glance. that explains why his blog are full with pictures. HAHA.

and no, some people doesn't though. but some do! read I mean =D
the other seven people including me are good examples. haha.

@ng31a said...

Jialin dear~!! are so sweet ler...I sayang you the MOST la!! hehehehe....MUAX!! But I am not moody or whatever la...Just thought of it then I blog la...No big deal. Wanna know what you guys think about also ma....hehehe...=)

Zara dear,
yea...I am back and you're back too!! Haahhaha...I miss you too!! It has been awhile since you last leave me a comment....I felt so sad about it but now you're back!! YAY!!! MUAX!!

Thank you!! Really!! Thank you for supporting me!! Love u!! MUAX!!

@ng31a said...

Ok ok, I will continue blogging for now but if next time I am really very busy then I might consider to stop blogging la...=)

Mei Wah~!!
Thanks for your support!! Love u!! But you know some people always want me to blog but they don't read the words...what for asking me to blog but you don't even care to read what I wrote! Right? haiz....Anywayz, I will continue blogging for now la...MUAX!!

Seng Hoo,
thanks for your words dear. It really meant a lot to me!! like SEIOUSLY!! Thank you!!! I big hug for you~XD

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

No matter its full of words or just empty post with title, or just pics, I'm still here. I'm still want to read more about u~

To make sure that my lovely Angela is okay~we are friends right? what's the use of friends if we don't care about each other?

Cheer up darling!
As u said, both of us are back!


@ng31a said...

YAY!!! love u dear!! you've always been so supportive!!! LOVE U THE MOST!!! muax!!

oLive said...

Dear! I'm your supporter one..
don't give up, dear!
You go and see my blog and compare to your own one...
then you will know that your blog is more interested liao..
dont give up don't give up!!!
give you ten!!
let's continue your bloggin!!!

Barbie said...

I just want to say that each and every time I come here, I read every single words you've written.

Some people might just view the pictures for fun or for whatever reasons, but I just want to say that I am not that type :)

See? Many people reading what you wrote of course, so that we know what you really meant before leaving you "comment(s)"

Love You,

Andrew said...

Hehehe.. I want photos + words.. LOL... well, that's my style at least.. hehehe =D

KL audition is this saturday!! wooooooo!!!!

@ng31a said...

your blog is very interesting also wor!!! Silly girl...yea yea...I will continue least for now I will. =)

Yea!! You're least you'll always read what I typed!! Love u so much lo~!!! Thanks for all ur support dear!! MUAX!!!

@ng31a said...

yea yea, KL audition is this coming Saaurday~! You seem to be so excited lo!! hahahaha.....

Most probably I will be going for fun too~!! So see ya by then k? =)

YinYin said...'s been awhile you didn't blog ^^
finally you are here again ^^
wait for your next interesting post ..
and ya..MDG KL audition is on this saturday ..I can't wait ..My baby jess is joining !!

@ng31a said...

Oh really??? You will be going there to accompany her also right?? If yes, then maybe I can meet you there lo!! hehehehehe....=)

Happy Angel said...

i'd read all ur post..if not the 1st time i see them..but eventually i'll get there no matter u must continue blogging...=)

btw...can help me with a new header for my blog??desperately in need of one nice one...hahaha

@ng31a said...

I'm asking someone to design for me also lo!! hahahaha...XD

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