Monday, August 13, 2007

My art works...^_^

When I was packing my things at home today...Suddenly I found my art folio...And those pictures that I drew reminds me a lot of things...
I kept all the pictures that I drew since young till now..So MEMORABLE....^_^

My art folio >>


And here are a few of my art works..
>> from ugly...till nice...hahaha..

I got 80% for this...hahaha...

I love this picture the most!! =)

This picture here is drew by chalk...=)

Birthday card that I've made for my brother Duncan..



The only photo I've taken with my friend in Ipoh..=)

And ~~~ I've dyed my hair!! Thanks to Yew Bond...=)


♀chocolate♂ said...

your birthday also 881221?

i think we are same day~

@ng31a said...

Oh really? But before that, may I know who are you?