Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family trip to Cameron Highland !!

Woke up early in the morning and went for breakfast...

After breakfast...our journey to Cameron Highland starts..I quickly make myself sleep before I start to faint...hahaha....So, when I wake up...we are already there!! Daddy brought us to a Durian stall to have some Durians...The Durians over there are damn delicious you know?!? Must try!! My father love Durians a lot....So when he taste the Durian he will surely show us an expression as if he has found his paradise...lolx..

My mummy and Daddy!!

Our Durians...

me and Duncan enjoying our Durian..hehehe..

Mummy and lovely..muax..

My aunty joined our trip also..

This is for us to wash our dirty hands after eating Durians...

Me and taken before we leave that stall..

While daddy's driving us to another place..

Me and my aunty started to take pictures again...hahaha...

Soon, we reached Equatorial hotel ~

I love the weather over there!! So windy~

Nice flowers...Spot the bee...

Love them aloads..

Nice roses ~

Me and Daddy!! hehehe..

I love my Daddy too...XD

Duncan and I ~

Duncan acting cute? lolx..

PINK roses ~

White roses~

Duncan and I ~

Cutie mummy ~


Like father like daughter...

I am left out..=(

It's me again ~ hehehe..

why daddy opened his mouth until so BIG?!? hahaha..

We have reached another location...

Me eating Jagung...nice~

Me and mummy but according to mummy...
She said I looked more like a mummy in this it? =.="

My strawberry ice-cream ~

Strawberries Paradise?!?

We came here for lunch..a very unique restaurant...agree?

After lunch...we walk around and buy vegetables, fruits, and lots and lots of things...*happy*

Mummy and Aunty packing everything in to daddy's car...

And ....

Fully packed !! haahahahaha...

This photo over here is taken before we leave that place...

daddy driving us to another place again? hehehe...

We meet up with Hong at Kampung Raja and we stopped by at a stall nearby named "Ngao Gei" to have a drink...but daddy cannot tahan...

So he ordered some food for us....lolx...

Musang's meat ~ Delicious!!!


Passion fruit ~

Durian again!! hahahaha...

I took some photos before we leave cameron highland..

Take 1

Take 2


Take 3

And finally


A video has been taken when we are on the way back to Ipoh...enjoy!! XD

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