Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally, it's semester break again!!

Yeah~ it's our semester break again but still I don't have much time to rest due to the competition going on next week (EMERGE), I can't even spend more time with my family members..everyday we have to go back to church to practice our songs, do video shooting till midnight...And I hate video shooting!! I keep saying the wrong have to re-shoot a lot of times..hate it!! It was really very tiring you know? But luckily..they allow me to go back to my hometown for a few I am going back later (Friday) and most probably will be coming back to Kl by next Monday coz Monday night got rehearsal again...*sigh*

by the way, I miss my house-mates so so so much...mummy...yirui...ling ling..come back soon k? I very hardworking er..yesterday I washed my toilet by my own my toilet very clean already..*proud* hehe..I just left the condo just now and I am now in my god parent's house..Before I leave the condo, I some more tidy up my bed er..very guai right? hahaha..

SEE!! So clean already!!! hahahaha...

Last meal that I cooked for Ling before she went back to Tawau..
>Tom yum pasta<

Last photo of Ling before she leaves...

Was also chatting with Victor that night and you know what happened?

He felt asleep!!!

Sunday morning
Michelle and I decided to wear our black lagging together..
So I wear like this >>>

Photo taken after church service with Keith (ah ba) and Michelle..

Me and Michelle..=)

This is what I do while Keith ( ah ba) is driving us to a shopping mall ( donno where is it already...) lolx..

I saw rabbits in the mall!!! So C-U-T-E!!!!

Me and Mich again..

Personalized Glitter Graphics

And all of a sudden...we saw this old lady sleeping on the sofa..tsk tsk tsk...*shake head*
I curi-curi take her photo..luckily no body realize it...lolx..

Keith planning to buy furniture..

pasta again?!? This time it's a chicken soup pasta..I improvise myself one..haha...
Me and Victor's lunch..

Tuna as our side dish..

careful~ it's hot!! hehehe...

Monday night while doing our video shooting..


Went to mid valley for Tasha's birthday present and watched Ratatouile with Vic and his brother!! Nice~

Nando's for lunch ~

Me and Vic..


Went to CHC for the EMERGE's rehearsal~
Saw this cute little dog and start taking pictures with it...hehehe...I LOVE DOGS!!!especially cute dogs!!

Kathy and the DOG~

And this is me with the cute little dog!!!! I am loving it~

photo taken during the rehearsal..
Ann vs Kelvin..
he will be going overseas soon...take care ya? =)

Raymond singing kelvin's own composed song titled "yuan lai" during rehearsal..

Freeday's band~

Latin + break dance


Went back to college for the patriotic theater that we have to perform to those Dato-dato~
Me with two flats...I LOVE MALAYSIA!! hahaha...

Me and my Malaysian study's lecturer~ Encik Hassan..

Camwhoring!! again?

yes...again!!! hahaha...

At dad came and fetched me for dinner and went back to my condo to pack all my stuff then brought to my god parent's place..

my condo's living room...

Daddy lying there waiting for me to pack my things..

My bed~ gonna miss it a loadsSSsSsssS!!!

Mummy said she has to be inside the picture too...lolx..

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