Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am so STRESS!!!

I cried yesterday!! For no reason..Maybe I am too stress? or period coming? Haha...but anyway..very unfortunately..there's a victim..Coz he's the only one having lunch with me at that very moment...So I threw out all my feelings to him and cried in front of him...So sorry..I know you don't feel good too but it's really very hard to control my so so sorry...I'll try not to do so in the future k? Sorry...I need to thank Joseph for comforting me also..=) And also thanks for the cute animation that you have sent to me...haha...

I am really very stress recently..especially this week...and I think it's gonna stay with me until final sad..I studied until 4 or 5 something in the morning the day before yesterday for introduction to music history quiz..And when I woke up...I have totally lost my voice!! I already feel like crying by that time because I really can't take it!! Why must this happened to me? WHY? Tell me WHY!!! Every time before my singing competition also I will get sick one..I hate it!!! SERIOUSLY DO!! why can't sickness just stay away from me?!? JUST HATE IT!!

Singing competition is this coming Saturday..Some more tomorrow I have to do a song recording for Khai Chi's self-composed song named "YOU HAVE FOUND ME" Yon Tin asked me to sing for his song too..But luckily his recording section is next Monday..Everything seemed to be so pack and rush!! *SIGH*

All my fellow friends..Again..please please please pray for me..If I still cannot sing tomorrow...I will drink the whole bottle of my *pei pa go*!!No jokes...=.=" So if you guys got any other methods to cure my soar throat, flu and let me know k? If not I will finish up the whole bottle of my *pei pa go*!!

My final is going to start next Thursday and I haven't start studying yet!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! GOD, WHAT SHOULD I DO? I don't wanna fail any of my subjects anymore especially those history class..If I had to re-take all my history classes..I rather DIE!! HaizzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzZZzzZzzZZzZ.......

I am still very happy last week...But not for this week..=(
Anyway..I will never forget to post up photos here one..lolx...

Photo session...

Went to church last sunday with Michelle and Kathy..I followed Michelle's car to Mid Valley after church service and this is what happened to her car..

Not enough water I guess...So, Michelle pour water on it to cool it down..

At last we reached Mid Valley safely..
This picture here looks like a mother holding her daughter's hand right?
It is actually Michelle and one of the group local artist named W-H-Y 's singer..

Me trying out this big sized dress..=)

Omg!! I tell you!! I love this shirt and the skirt so much!! I did not buy it because I didn't bring enough money that day...I will go back to buy it one day...DOROTY PERKINS....wait for me!!! ahahahahaha...

After that, Victor come and fetched me and we went to Sunway Pyramid for Ice-Skating..
Had Mc D for lunch >>

Victor's disgusting..hahahaha..

Vic tie-ing my shoe lace for me...=)

Me and Vic..A picture that taken before we start to skate..

Which hand is mine?

That's me!!! hehehehe...

And here comes Victor!! =)

Photos taken together with Vic..

Acting cute again? ahahaha...

Acting cool? Yea.. XD

Different effect...hahaha..

Which is my feet?

Our hands...=0

Victor tie-ing the little girl's shoe lace...hahaha...

I saw this poor little girl crying...keep saying " I want mummy!!"
so I took one of her cute~ hahaha..

Pictures taken yesterday..during HAMM class...We were asked to leave the class for awhile after we finished our pop quiz and get back to the class after few minutes coz our lecturer-ADIL wants to discuss something with us..So all of us sit out side the class and wait for the time to come...*like beggar only...* hahahahaha...

Kah wai - the standing one is the head of the beggar...lolx..

Oh...And that day is Adil's birthday..1st of August..
Juan and a group of students came in after our class to celebrate Adil's birthday..

So birthday cake some more..

My new friend Edwin...Michelle's god brother..

Today is band finals..Band 1 till Band 4...
This is band 1..

And this is Band 4...Dennis's band..Jeanie's singing...=)

Guess who's this?

And lastly...
SEE!! I'm really sick!! Not kidding one...poor me...=(

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