Sunday, August 26, 2007

I love holidays!!

Holidays were so relaxing man!! Can I ask for more? 2 weeks of semester break is really too short!! don't you think so? *sigh* I can't do anything except to follow the law..

Well, I went to 1 Utama last Friday before I leave Kl with my family members..I've bought a T-shirt and a white long pants from SEED..

The actual price for this shirt is Rm49, but luckily it has 30% discount....

And for my pants..

50% discount...hehehehe...

mummy and I in the fitting room >>

After that, daddy came and fetched us back to Ipoh after his meeting..reached Ipoh at about 6 or 7 something...Went for dinner..then go home and SLEEP ~

the next day, (Sat) I went out with Cheah Lin and Nga Theng with my new shirt and pants..hahaha...We had a great day being together after such a long long time we didn't see each other..Ah yi & Ah you guys loads and loads...muax...=)

First, we went to the food court again to have my tom yum mihun as lunch..then we take sticker photos!!! Syoknya~

After that...we went in to Minoshe to buy bras...lolx..
I wanted to try the bras so I went in to the fitting room...who knows? both of them follow me in to the fitting room together and explained that they wanted to checked whether the bra really suits me...=.=" I tried to halau them away but MISSION FAILED!!!

So, as promised, they stand facing the door and I quickly get changed..But as time goes by, things are getting worst...they started to laugh and laugh...Cheah Lin even took out her hand phone and start taking photos of ME!!!Some more she asked me to pose wor!! OMG!!! This is really INSANE!!! I know it's insane to blog about this..but...I...I...I......I just can't keep it by myself!!!ARGHHHHHhhHhhhHH~ long as they didn't show it to other people then it should be okay..HEY!!! you promised me that you will never show it to other people one OKAY?!?

Ok, let's continue..
We shop around and here comes our bad habbits!!
CAMWHORING!! hahahahahahaha...

Our photos..

She is trying to kiss me but...


It's my turn to kiss her back but..I donno why my face turned out to be like this...lolx..

After edited by me...=)

Me and Cheah Lin ( ah Yi~)

EEEEEeeee....smelly..she didn't shower for the whole day...hahaha..

Me and Nga Theng again...

Cheah Lin and Nga Theng ~ muaxie~

This is how best friends look like..=)

We asked someone to take this photo for us...=)

We ordered drinks while waiting for Nga Theng's bf!!!!
( good news)
finally, Nga Theng has got a bf!! Now only left Cheah Lin...hahaha...

Our drinks >>
we ordered one cola, one F&N strawberry, and one 100 plus...
we mixed 3 of them together and so our drinks ended up like this...>>


Photo taken by Nga Theng's bf!! ( ah Siew)

And TAda~

Nga Theng and her Bf!! Sweet sweet er...=)

Cheah Lin followed me home for dinner that day...hahaha..

This is my nephew!! you wei~

The younger one was his little brother named You Jie~ CUTE!! =)

Focus on You Jie!! Same pose for all the photos...lolx..

You Jie having the same pose again..but You wei has changed a lot of poses ~ hahahaha...

At night, I went to Gunung rapat Church to attend their youth service...
Some photos have been taken..

me and Yin Theng..

Me, Yin theng and her sister -- Yin fung..
Both of them are the finalist of shining for them ya? =)

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