Sunday, August 12, 2007

At last..she's awake..^_^

Who's the "She" that I mentioned in my title? Hm..I am not gonna tell but you should know yourself right? Haha..At last my rainy days had passed away..Thanks GOD!!! XD

Well, I am not gonna talk much in this post...But don't worry..there will still be photos posted up...

Hm...let's start with last Friday..Dennis's gf (TINA) came over to our college to watch our band finals..She's kinda friendly and nice..I am so glad to know her..XD

Eddy's band!! Eddy's singing Michael Jackson's song!! Cool~

Dennis and Tina >> *SWEET* =)

Group photos...hehe..

Me and Tina..

Friday night we went over to Kathy's place to practice for our group singing competition for EMERGE!! (me wearing Kathy's pyjamas..lolx..)

Ann, Michelle and Kathy..

Acting cute? Yucks...hahahaha..

Me and Ling ling..

OMG!! Three of us again!! maKER rulez...!!!

Saturday morning..Went over to City Harvest Church for the audition!!
And we manage to get into the finals!! Hurray!!

This is ME..Unbelievable huh? This is how I wear for the EMERGE's audition!! Haha..
We purposely wear until very ugly so that everybody will laugh at us..wakakaka..

Kathy and I >>

Me and Michelle...

Kelvin's own composed song!! A nice one..It's called “原来”
his song manage to get into the finals too..COOL~

Raymond learning his song..haha..

A lot of competitions are going on that day..

A dancing group >>

Me and Edwin..

Hm...Me, Eric and Rendal..

Ann and Eric >>

Me and Kelvin~

Me and Rendal..

Angela and Raymond >>

Silvia and Caleb ~

me and Mich again..=)

me and Jun..She's one of the members of W-H-Y group...Malaysian singers..she's so cute ~

A new friend of mine..He reminds me of my beloved father..

So, after the, Mich and Kathy quickly rush to Putra Jaya for the Patriotic song competiton..And we manage to get into the finals also...Should we be happy or sad? Haiz..the next round will be held in Johore..lazy to go er..=.="

Eddy's resting..ahaha..

Me and ling ling camwhoring..

Choirs who participated in this competion..

Vivian >> Acting cute? or ugly? lolx..

A photo that Kathy wants me to take for her..

Me >> Camwhoring again?!? hahaha..

EEeee...kissing my beloved sweet..hehehe..

Monday night >> Choir are some photos that I've taken for that night..

Me and Kai Xing..

Do we look alike? Some might say yes...but some might say no..=) haha..

Eddy with Ling's bag..haha..

Vic and Ann..


Me and Vic again!!
long tongue I've got..hehe..

Wednesday night.. Victor Khor ( the trumpeter) came over to my place to study Malaysian studies with me..But ended up..Me cooking Indo mee for him to stay him awake..

But still......
So he's didn't go for the exam the next morning..I've tried to wake him up but he said he don't wanna go for exam..=.="

Some more wanna complain about my cooking wor..Tak tahan..

Hm..Tina's photo..
Saw the word " I LOVE"?
Dennis asked me to draw for him one..hahaha..

Cute pictures that I drew on Dennis's hand..

Disgusting pictures that Dennis drew on my hand...

Dennis practicing piano..

me camwhoring..hahaha..

that night..we went to fook sing to "Da bao" rice and dishes..went home to shower and take a nap..
then have dinner at Dennis's place about 9 something..

After dinner..we do mask!! hahaha..

Angela and Dennis with our mask on!!! lolx..

Btw, I'm sick I went to see the doctor again that afternoon and this is my medicine..
*Sigh* have to eat medicine agian..=(

That's all for now..
Hm..I am going to end this post with Dennis's photo..A nice one~! sit back and enjoy!!



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