Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from Korea!!!

Yes~ Finally I am back from Korea~!!
(A big thank you to all those who left comments in my previous post~ love all of you~^^)

Being quarantined was not too bad overall. At least I can relax a bit, stay away from assignments for a week, and most importantly spend more time with my friends~

First two days was a disaster. But after that everything went quite smoothly.
(Maybe we're more used to it already?)

Will blog about this trip whenever I am free~

Signing off with loads of lurvesss~^^


ZARA 札拉 said...

Oh baby!

u already come back home~

@ng31a said...

Zara dear,
Yup~ Finally I am back!! I straight away went mamak last night. I miss Malaysia's food!! XD

CaSsIe_KaIsInG said...

hahaha! then she went to speck TAMIL with the mamak guy XD
then told us a lot of stories =)
angela~ thanks for you lovely PEN! =D
muakss! me and dennis really miss u very much leh!

c0co said...


MapleRain said... more wearin the mask!

haha.....i saw her and sammy busy learning tamil from ganesh when we're on our way home!

@ng31a said...

Cassie dear!!!
Hahaha...I miss you guys too!!!

Eh~! You arr~ Bocor my rahsia!!! LOL!!!


Rain~ also!! Why bocor my rahsia?!! Hahaha....

yenniedoll said...

WHEEEEE *hugz*

@ng31a said...

Yennie doll~
Hugss and Kissess~!!

Barbie said...

Welcome back, Angie <3 Miss you so much dear, do blog about ur trip when u got time to do so, okie? *muah*

@ng31a said...

Actually there's not much to blog about the trip coz we just stayed at the resort only..We're not allow to go out also...T.T

taufulou said...

welcome back lei..
wei wei..faster blog bout korea la`

@ng31a said...

Busy le..finals are just around the corner and there're loads and loads of assignments waiting for me to do...*sigh...*

kenwooi said...

go korea... the last time i went to korea was in 2003.. lol..
you must have enjoyed the place! =D

@ng31a said...

I enjoyed. But too bad lo...we kena quarantined and we just gotta stay in the hotel doing nothing everyday.