Monday, July 13, 2009

Can't believe I am going to Korea with my Uni friends!!

I am going to Jeju Island ( the most beautiful island in Korea ) TOMORROW!!!

Never thought I can go overseas with my friends but HEY!!! This is really happening~" ( Thanks to Emmanuel, I am now a drama queen too~ =.= !!)

I am so excited right now. But do pray for me as H1N1 is getting more serious recently.

And BTW, I have got my long hair BACK!! I have dyed it brown too~!! Yippee~
I still prefer having long hair....

A picture of me and Teddy~
Long hair suits me better huh? =)

Till then.
Signing off with loads of lurves and kisses~



ZARA 札拉 said...


do take care ya? gonna miss u~ don't forget to get some souvenir for me~hehehe~

@ng31a said...

Oh dear~ I will miss you too!! So sweet of you~^^

c0co said...

have a safe and enojoyable trip !!!=Dmux!~*

@ng31a said...

Thank you dear~!! Muax~^^

Barbie said...

Yes yes, my princess looks so cute with long hair ^ ^ but short hair also cute too XD